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    Hello, I've posted a thread a couple of days ago about the disability logging into MS. I want to thank all the people that tried to help.
    I now realized that it has something to do with Bex error. People on the internet suggested many different ways to fix it that didin't work for me ( I searched all over the net). I have 64 bit and win7, so if anyone knows how to fix Bex, I would really appreciate it if you share it with me. Regards,Greg.

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    Default Re: Problem event Bex

    BEX errors are generally Data Execution Prevention errors. it usually varies depending on a game to game basis. do you happen to play using steam?

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    I have Steam, but do not play through it. I tried absolutely everything, and never had this problem. It just happened right after the weird last SC. I guess I'll wait til the 3th and see if it will be fixed with the new patch, if not I'll probably reunistall win7, have no other options.



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