Because things can be a pain to sell I have decided to make a thread for the few items I have up for sale right now.

1. 4% all stat Neb.
C/O 1b+50k nx,I was willing to sell for this price however I cannot contact the buyer right now.

2. 9ATT Amaterasu's Epaulet WARRIOR
( Willing to SoK, gifting your own sok will obviously lower the price, no c/o

3. Estaff 6(180MA) & 7(175MA)
no C/O

I also have a vast collection of mounts, mastery books, B nebs and other random items, If you are looking for anything please comment or PM me and I will be more than willing to check my mules if i feel i might have it.

If you would like to make an offer on any of these items please feel free to comment, PM or add me on skype if you want an instant response. (It's summer break so i'm usually around)