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Thread: Occult Cubes

  1. Default Occult Cubes

    There are two types of these cubes.

    One has a max rank of epic and is tradeable.
    The other has a max rank of unique and is untradeable.

    The attendance event gave the tradeable one. I am wondering where the other, untradeable version comes from. I know you can get them from RA boxes and gachapon, but are there any more methods?
    I looked up in KMS and it seems the bosses drop the tradeable version. I assume when they start dropping for us in GMS it will be the same.

  2. Default Occult Cubes

    Strange cube are the epic one. Occult is the unique. Only comes from root abyss boxes, don't know about gach. Only ever gotten one trying the normal boxes.

  3. Default Re: Occult Cubes

    They both have the same name

    The latter I got from gach myself

    also confirming that the epic ones can lower your item to rare ...

  4. Default Occult Cubes

    I guess the translation was strange cube then? I didn't expect them to localize it to be the same, tis a good touch.



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