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  1. Default About Dimension Invade PQ

    Since DIPQ is coming to MSEA, I'm gonna ask a few things.
    1. How good is the exp there? Is the exp % there high? (You guys can compare it with DRPQ)
    2. Any warnings about some monsters that are gonna be hard to beat?
    3. Should I go solo or with a pt? I'm a moderately funded lv180 captain.
    Will add more questions if i have any.

  2. Default Re: About Dimension Invade PQ

    1. Decent exp. I still get a bit at 200(I think around 3%/run? I can't be sure, I've only solo'd one run since the patch, my net DCs me every time since.)
    2. Blackheart DRs, it's animation is easy to spot. Other than that, bring a REALLY good mobber for stage 4.
    3. Never tried on a sair, bring a party your first few runs before trying it alone.

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    It really Depends on your class, My lv151 Xenon can solo it in ~10minutes, maybe 8min with a party. Try it with a party a few times until you recognize the waves. Its decent exp, much better with HS (and 2x obviously). I dont think the monsters are too strong, you should 1-2hko them if you are slightly funded.

    Waves: (can someone confirm, especially wave 4 and extra waves/bosses?)

    It really comes down to your class and funding on how well you do. It was easy enough for me to solo with my Xenon, a Captain may have it slightly different. it may be harder to hit the flying mobs? Idk how many mobs Fusilade hits, the more the better.


    There may be other bosses if you finish faster, but i have never reached those so no info Hope I helped

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    Actually, there are 3 different bonus stages.
    If you finish under 10mins, you face Blackheart as a boss.
    If you finish between 10-20mins, you get taken to a bonus stage where you kill mobs with high HP.
    If you finish after 20mins, you get taken to a bonus stage where you kill weaker mobs.

    After each of the bonus stages, you'll get a box that has a chance of giving you a medal (one medal per bonus stage).

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    Oh, well that explains that, thanks. I haven't seen the bonus stages for between 10-20min even when I finished in that time period, but I may have d/ced or left before.

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    okay, this is coming from someone who has the 100 clear medal, but i don't know how good the exp is since i was unable to gain any

    the bar near the top of the screen is how many mobs are alive. if this stays blinking red for too long, you will FAIL and be sent out.

    stage 1: just kill everything. if you leave one mob alone it will not summon until they are all dead
    stage 2: a trojan horse is summoned; it will become invisible when it summons monsters, so kill them when they appear and the horse will be vulnerable again.
    stage 3: three portals appear, and at 5(?) second intervals mobs will come out of one of them. the bar raises about 1/3 each time they are summoned. after a while of killing, ALL THREE portals will summon at once (blinking red!), so be quick to kill whatever is near. after that summon the stage ends.
    stage 4: flying invincible mobs will rain green orbs on you, these will deal about over half your HP so get on to the raised platforms as soon as possible. it's possible to dodge them but re-buffing won't be easy to do.
    stage 5: directly below the left-most platform flying mobs will start pouring out at a fast rate. this is where people get stuck soloing and fail; i can't go in by myself since this stage is so mob dense (ultimate inferno + wind of frey is not enough..) it goes on for a long time as well so keep focused on that area.
    stage 6: a tower will appear, and while that tower is alive, the monsters become untouchable. kill the tower as soon as possible so you can get rid of the mobs, it will keep summoning after it dies.

    depending on your clear time you will go to a bonus stage. i've only gone to hilla's blackheart stage though, but i have a few tips.

    blackheart will damage reflect after about.. (if anyone has done pink bean, it's about this HP threshold) 1/10th? of its HP down (where the HP bar ends and your buffs are, count three buffs) and afterwards it will keep doing DR at 1:20 intervals after casting.
    it will heal 99 million HP every once in a while. people with crash/smite/bind really help here, but it is still able to be solo'd (by yours truly it takes me about 5 minutes..)

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    Just a tip: Unless MSEA changes something, the tower in the final stage doesn't count as a boss, so you can use Headshot to 1hko it.

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    Has DIPQ changed recently (as in the last patch or two) where party members must be within a certain level range of one another to reach Blackheart? Before Unleashed, I (Level 15X) used to tag along with my Level 200 brother and reap the benefits of free boxes for his soloing, now, we never make it to Blackheart or any other "bonus" rooms.

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    I recall reading that you can run it an infinite number of times a day if you don't kill a certain boss. Is it Blackheart?

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    That's just a rumor. I've went 10 runs in a day on another character without facing Blackheart, and couldn't continue after.

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    it must have because i've never encountered that when doing runs

    besides the blackheart stage the other bonus ones can take a few tries to get into. after getting my 100 clear there is another medal quest and it requires you to pass at least all of the bonus stages once, but i haven't been motivated to try (master medal is better anyhow)

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    The one between 10-20min sometimes gives me bonus stage, sometimes teleports me out of the map. What's wrong? Is it random?

    Anyone knows the amount of HP Blackheart has? He seems to have more HP than post-unlimited normal hilla (700m from what I heard). Or is it because he heals so much?

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    he heals a hundred million hp every thirty seconds, so you need to deal 3.3m per second or more to kill him

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    Ah, thanks for this info. I guess I will have to improve my range or duo it then.

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    Getting into the other bonus stages besides Blackheart is apparently random. I seem to almost always get into the stage that's 20mins+, but I get sent out a lot when I finish between 10-20mins.

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    I see. Why does it seem like they just wanna prevent us from getting nice exp? I heard the 10-20min-mark bonus stage gives good exp.

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    It does, but it's hard to solo for some jobs since the monsters are walking toward each other, and die upon contact.

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    Stun them. Yes I know some classes can't do that, but that's the best way really. MMs have it the best with Snipe.


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    Well, yeah, that's what I was getting at. When I PQed on my Cannoneer, I would leave an anchor near the Bloodfangs and take out the Specters first. Not 100% effective, though, since some of them managed to slip away.



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