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    So lately i've been playing in 3-4 diffrent characters: lvl 77 Mercedes, lvl 81 Kenna, Lvl 123 Hayato and lvl 143 Phantom.
    I've wondered where i the best place to trian them to be in higher lvl in such sort of time...

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    Default Re: Training my characters

    Some good places could be Monster Park, PQs, and especially Evolving World Link 3.

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    I've been training my late 6x Kanna in the cooking panda PQ solo. If 90ish percent every 20ish minutes is decent, then that PQ is pretty good. I really don't know what is a decent leveling rate throughout the 70+ level range nowadays though.

    Bad thing is, the PQ is pretty boring. Good thing is, you can get a hat + overall set which is pretty decent if you don't have equipment prepared for the class. And they are fairly easy to obtain.



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