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  1. Default Can I reset my Inner Ability?

    So with the latest update my IA is locked with a Legendary line that doesn't even help me much (35 DEX 18 STR), the other 2 are useless lines and because of the way the system works I can't use Ability Circs unless they're NX, which I don't have.
    Is there any way to fully reset my IA so I can use the regular circulators? Does anyone know if something like that will be implemented at some point if it's not there already?

  2. Default Re: Can I reset my Inner Ability?

    You're stuck at Legendary as far I know, and can't drop down in tier.

  3. Default Re: Can I reset my Inner Ability?

    I hadn't even considered how crappy this is.

    Yeah unless they rework circulators, the NX one is the only one you can use...

  4. Default Re: Can I reset my Inner Ability?

    If I have Legendary inner ability, is there any point upgrading my Honor rank? I can't use the circulators I get from leveling up, and I don't unlock extra lines, and I don't improve the abilities I've got.

    I wish they'd made it so circulators pick the type of bonus you get, and honor level sets the level - so level 10 honor gets 1% bossing, level 100 gets 20% bossing, type of thing.

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    Default Re: Can I reset my Inner Ability?

    If anything, I feel that leveling up my honor at this point is more likely to put me at a disadvantage in the future. If they ever change the system, and make the free level-up circulators work on Legendary Inner Potential, I'll have less level-ups left to me. (And no, I'm not going to stockpile circulators in the hopes of that happening. No inventory space.)

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    wait.. So I'm stuck with my pomegranatety Legendary potential because I can't use regular circs? :( And now my 100+ circs I had from before are completely useless? Wow I just got really sad.

    I guess I'll keep my 13% boss potential forever then cause I can't even afford cubing my items let alone my inner abilities.

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    Yeah its really rough to never be able to re-circ and be stuck at legendary. They should at least make it so you can use the regular ones and it auto-drops you back to unique or something if they're bent on this while cash shop Circ thing.

  8. Default Re: Can I reset my Inner Ability?

    That would be ideal. Think I could get anything if I sent a ticket, @Girasol; ?

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    Or.. you know. Let the legendary circs be bought from the Aswan shop after X level of honor then have the NX spinners come with line locks and increased chances of getting good lines. I really think Nexon would be better off having NX be the "fast way" to do things versus the only way to do things. Considering the line pool is already just full of Junk lines (like potential), the NX= faster and better lines makes MUCH more sense.



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