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Thread: [El Nido] P/C> Various items

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    Hello Southperry,

    I noticed I had quite a few items left in El Nido, but have no idea what they're worth since they're quite 'old'.

    • Azalea Corsage: STR 2, INT 2, LUK 1
    • Purple Christmas Sock: Clean
    • Purple Adventurer Cape: INT 6, M.ATT 12, 0 Slots, 2 Hammer, 1 EE (INT 4%, M.DEF 2%, MP 2%) [Epic]
    • White Gaia Cape: DEX 2, 4 Slots, 0 Hammer (DEX 6%, INT 4%, Recovery 20%) [Unique]
    • Strong Machine Gloves: W.ATT 10, Slots 0, Hammers 2, 1 EE (STR 9%, STR 6%, Bad line) [Unique]
    • Brown Osfa Pants: Clean (Decent Hyper Body, Bad line) [Unique]
    • Half Earrings: Clean (All stats 6%, LUk 6%) [Unique]
    • Evolving Ring II Lv. 17
    • Blood Blossom Katara Recipe
    • Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll
    • Hero's Chair-Evan
    • Magic Powders (Red, White, Purple)

    I hope someone could give an approximate range of the prices.

    Thank you very much.

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    You could probably get a decent price for some of those items.

    tagging @Mazz since he'd know better than I.

    I'd try and sell the Evo ring as soon as possible; I imagine they're dropping due to more and more potential adding rings entering the game (especially with Unleashed).
    I believe the azalea corsage goes for quite a bit since they can be anviled.
    The Half Earrings would probably be worth over a bil or two with xenon coming out.
    500~ for the cape and maybe a bil for the gloves?
    Probably a couple hundred mil for the Evan chair too.

    Sorry I can't be of more help!

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    ~300m for the Azalea Corsage, dropped significantly since the exploit involving them happened
    Christmas Sock probably around 150m
    Strong Machine Gloves I'd say around 1.5b or so, though I'm not sure
    Osfa Pants are around 700-900m or so
    AEE is around 40m

    Not sure on the others though.

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    That sounds good! I wish I could buy the store permit with Maple Points (the discounted version), but it won't let me...

    Interested in buying? Haha. Thanks for the prices.

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    I'm a little bit interested in the Osfa pants, but sadly I can't afford what they're worth right now, gotta save up to buy NX for the next time shielding wards/shield scrolls are in the CS xD No worries :)

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    By the way... Any estimate on the price of the earrings? Also, do you think using the Innocence Scroll on the 15% STR Gloves would increase its value (since it's poorly scrolled)?
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