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  1. Default WEEKLY SCRIMS #1

    Hello! We decided it would be a fun idea to have weekly scrim nights every Saturday, and I'm willing to host them for the summer. Please take note that this first session will also gauge the interest in these scrim nights and if there will be future ones.

    The purpose of these is to encourage a no-pressure environment for us to practice, mess around, and/or just have fun playing the game. That means that if you're new or wanting to learn, this will be a nice place for you to learn. I'll be hosting primarily 5v5 Summoner's Rift games unless there's a huge demand for 3v3/Dominion/ARAM/something else. Everyone is welcome, even lurkers. Feel free to bring friends if you want.

    The first session will take place on Saturday, June 29 at 6:00 PM PDT (1800PDT/1900MDT/2000CDT/2100EDT/0100GMT/0300CET) and will run for as long as people stay.

    If you're able, please join us on Mumble. We'll be using the Summoner School Mumble server. I will be on the server 15 minutes prior to start time, so when you connect find my nick in one of the channels and join me there. My nick is BFCE.

    Summoner School Mumble:
    IP -
    Port - 3487
    Download Mumble


    I'll only be imposing two rules:

    1. All games will be played using Tournament Draft unless someone participating does not own more than 16 champions, in which case we'll be using Blind Pick.
    2. No BM/toxicity/inappropriate behavior. I won't hesitate to kick you if you're being an asshole.

    Everything else will be handled case-by-case if even necessary.


    If you plan on coming please post in the thread! This is to make sure we know that at least 10 people are going to play.
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    Default Re: WEEKLY SCRIMS #1

    I should be going.

    We should have more ARAMs than SR IMO.

  3. Default Re: WEEKLY SCRIMS #1

    Aram sounds less stressful. I might be down for it.

  4. Default Re: WEEKLY SCRIMS #1

    I disagree. I'll do it, but only if everyone seems to want to do it.

  5. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
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    Default Re: WEEKLY SCRIMS #1

    The thing is everyone's skill level is too different. This leads to SR stomps.

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    I'll be coming. I'm also on board for doing ARAMs too. SR is fine, but as Corn pointed out it could lead to a lot of stomps due to the variety in skill level. But then again, since I'm playing with friends I'm not going to mind as much.

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    That's what I was hoping for here. If it's too much of a problem we could always balance out the teams.

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    I'll try it out I suck at this game and want to get better D:

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    Scrims are going on tonight, everyone. And to make things a little more interesting I'm going to be piloting an "award" system, to add a little silly competition.

    The awards are:

    Juggernaut (most kill streaks--kills that result in a killing spree, rampage, unstoppable, dominating, godlike, legendary)
    Got the Reset (most multi-kills)
    Money in the Bank (most CS)
    Everyone Else Is Trash (best mechanical play)
    LULULULULULUCAWCAWCAW (most awesome gank)
    Is that Voyboy? (most balls)

    Also, strong chance of @Five Second Pose and I recording and casting a few of the games. I used to shoutcast for another game and I've always wanted to try it with LoL. ^_^

    Hope to see a lot of you tonight!

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    I think I should of asked for IGN's and gave mine out XD

  11. Default Re: WEEKLY SCRIMS #1

    Maybe it was because of the downtime from yesterday, but hardly anyone showed up. We had about six people and played two games that weren't proper 5v5s.

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    Hey sorry about that I had plans saturday. I was planning on playing league where I was, but it didn't happen.
    Also next time make sure to make a chat room in league.

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    Default Re: WEEKLY SCRIMS #1

    It's the Southperry chat room.

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    It wasn't included in the main post though, which is what I meant.



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