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    If Notify is going to start posting updates for Mabinogi, then the format or notice image should differentiate from the MapleStory update notice image. I came into this thread thinking MS was going to have a "Strange Cat" gachapon.

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    • The 'whats new' screen is pretty clear on what Forum the post is in.
    • Neither game even uses these anymore so you can't claim it's game specific or ever was.
    • The images specifically say they're Nexon Announcement images, not Maple Announcement images.
    • I have zero interest in creating an entire set of tags that already exist just to give them a different picture I'd also have to find or create just because you can't be bothered to look to the right.
    • Nor do I have any interest in a third or fourth set of these when I add Dragon's Nest or anything else.
    • If you really don't ever want to know about Mabi you also have the ever so simple option of excluding it via you profile and you'll never see it again.

    Adapt or give me a more compelling reason.

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    It's difficult to give you constructive criticism if every time I do it you go off on me. Its easy to see that I was not the only person affected by this.

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    It's hard to consider commentary constructive when you disregarded an entire forum who's purpose is to provide feedback in favor of an off topic mention in a thread to whine about some aspect of that thread's very existence as a form of inconvenience to you.

    None of you were truly affected by it. You were mildly inconvenienced by an unexpected, yet clearly communicated, change that you now know exists.

    It's equally easy to see every last one of you retains the same options to avoid it happening again with no waste of my time or effort to treat you like imbeciles who need special help to differentiate between a forum that says "Nexon Announcements" and one that says "Mabinogi".

    Frankly your request demand equates to complaining you can't be bothered to tell the difference between cars and trucks so I need to paint them all a unique set of colors so you don't have to think about which is which when you could just as easily look at them and tell them apart.

    As the person wanting change it's incumbent upon you to demonstrate why that change is needful.



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