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  1. Default Giving a Xenon the orichid set.

    So I was getting some pieces of the orchid set from the suprise style boxes, and then xenon came out and I saw the female. I was thinking of making a Male however with the set. If anyone would like to tell me how this is a bad idea please do so. But I think this would be a pretty cool (definitely not original) thing for me to do.

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    Why would it be a bad idea? I'm doing it myself.

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    Default Re: Giving a Xenon the orichid set.

    You could, but I probably wouldn't. I don't see the point of making myself look like everyone else. I'm going for a completely different kind of look for my Xenon involving pirate gear and anvils ;3

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    Well, you already said it might not be original.

    It depends on whether you like style, originality or sticking true to appearances really. I'm going the same path as Razmos since we don't even have those outfits but it is a decent idea, just expect lots of copybots. :P

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    I'm planning to give the hat and maybe the doll(if it covers beam whips) to my Xenon, but would only plan on using the doll. I don't really like looking exactly like everyone else, which is why I looked past the orchid overall and shoes every time I saw them for cheap. I'll probably just go with anvils for a large chunk of my looks.

    I think you should attempt going for your own looks, too.



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