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    My Hayato is 149 and I was in ludi clocktower making my way to MDTs and noticed everything I killed would NOT drop any mesos at all. I went to eos tower, killed ratz, no mesos. Went to omega sector, everything I kill no mesos. El nath, jr yetis, white fangs no mesos. Yeti&Pepes, no mesos. Werewolves, no mesos. Lycanthropes...MESOS wtp. Zombies, Miner zombies, Cerebes, Bains yes, flyeyes, jr cerebes no.
    As far as I can tell, 22 or more levels below would not yield mesos for me today...maybe 21, I didn't kill anything that was lvl 128. Is this a new thing? or a glitch for me?

    I assumed glitch, leading me to problem #2.

    Uninstalled the game, am currently redownloading...kind of overdue, the game crashes more than it ought to. The downloader periodically closes with no message. Not just minimizing itself to tray, but closing. I remember it did this a month ago when I decided to play MS again after not playing for a couple years. So basically I had/have to rerun the downloader every 15-20 minutes. What the...

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    The no mesos is due to an anti bot system that was put in place some time ago. Monsters only drop their ETC and quest items (and certain other specific things) if your level is too far above theirs.

    Dunno about your second problem.

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    I only just now noticed it...weird, could have sworn the weaker guys had been dropping mesos for me up until today.
    Know what would be a great anti botting thing? If I could report more than 1 hacker per day in game....oh, also, if that didn't any good too.

    Oh, I was going to MDTs in the first place because someone in my guild suggested I use my 3x drop coupon there to turn a good profit in finding ABR recipes...will those drop for me there when mesos won't?

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