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  1. Default Project X Zone 3DS

    Just downloaded it from eShop, anyone else getting the game? Been wanting to give it a try for a short time now, hadn't heard about it until just recently.

    Trailer (since I'm not the only one who hadn't heard of it 'til recently):

    Character list Credits to Shinichameleon @gamefaqs


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    Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    I had no idea this existed but what a seemingly random slew of characters...

  3. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    Kite! .hack! Kite! .hack! I cannot contain my happiness!

  4. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    I honestly hadn't heard of it until last week, when a demo/gift randomly downloaded to my 3DS. Seemed interesting, there was mention of a collaboration between bandai, sega and capcom, which explains the random slew of characters.

  5. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    I'm planning on picking this up sometime soon, but seeing Riela on the cover makes me sad that Valkyria Chronicles 3 hasn't been localized :(

  6. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    Haven't played too many games on the 3DS yet, trying to figure out what the S stands for under the attack commands lol.

    Forgot downloads came with a manual, I found it.

  7. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    This game reminds me of Valkyrie Profile and Tales a little, from the looks anyway. And that guy from vesperia is in it too, cool. I really wish I had a 3ds now, totally need a job asap. ; - ;

  8. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    I barely recognise any of the characters, and the demo made the gameplay seem very very shallow, so I think I'm skipping it.

  9. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    I saw this when i was getting the discounted Zelda games. How much does it cost? Im not a fan of fighting games (besides smash bros), but ill see a few gameplay demos first.

  10. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    34 or so in eshop-37 after taxes. 39 in stores.

    The gameplay reminds me of a more interactive tactics game, like fire emblem, where you walk around the map by squares, but when you get to the fight scene it becomes interactive where you do combos based off the button input. I think it focuses more on juggling the character to extend the time you are in battle, but I'm not for sure yet. Interactive tactics game is the best thing I can think of to describe the gameplay so far.

  11. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    There's a dem on the eshop in most regions now, so you might as well give it a shot yourself first.

  12. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    I'm surprised there're many here that didn't know about the game, there was a lot of discussion requesting this game to be localized before, hence the demo. They are most likely measuring the amount of interest in it. The trailer is kind of missleading though, it makes it look like a fighter ala MvC when it's in fact a strategy RPG (or w.e the genre) like Fire Emblem.

    And come on, over half of them are very easy. X, Jill Valentine, Ryu, Dante, Jin Kazama, Akira Yuki and isn't that girl from Dance Dance Revolution?

  13. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    I've looked at a list of all the characters in the game, I think you basically listed all the easy ones. That's not the point though. Beyond Ryu/Ken (act as a pair) and Zero/X and maybe Chun Li/Morrigan, I couldn't care less about the characters, certainly not enough to make up for the mediocre gameplay. (Doesn't mean I don't know who they are, I could probably name the games that most of the capcom/sega ones are from at least, I just don't care about them). Not sure who you mean from DDR, maybe you mean ulala from space channel 5? (She was in teh demo).

    The problem I have with it is the demo makes it feel like it isn't like a great game, and the 3ds already has several strategy RPGs that are great,so just good isn't good enough.

  14. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    Well I was talking about the ones on the cover, like I thought you were. I was also refering to the girl in the futuristic dress and a microphone, IDK who that is but I thought she is from DDR.

    All I can say is that although I've never played this type of game I've been curious about some of them for a long time like Super Robot wars and Namco x Capcom. I wish I had played any so I'd know what to expect / demand off this one.

  15. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    Knew about the game. The gameplay seems like a variation of Cross Edge. Will wait for more videos.

  16. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    Oh snaps, Sakura wars up in this game too. I would love to see the roster ^o^

  17. Default Re: Project X Zone 3DS

    Pretty relevant I'd say.

    If they take the original theme out of the localized version, for some dull generic rock / dubstep, its gonna hit the quality of the game

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    It plays just like Endless Frontier, but having grid turn-based battlefield instead of an overworld.



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