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Thread: Cube World!

  1. Default Cube World!

    Cube World is a Voxel based exploration RPG. If you wanna read more about it heres the overview:
    It will be coming out in a minecraft fashion, alpha to be released soon™ for a cheap cost, cost rises as it goes to beta and finally full game. Obviously getting the alpha is the best plan since you get free updates.
    Here's a video:

    Ill be getting it the day of release and I wanna see if anyone else is gonna, a southperry group adventure sounds fun after all.

  2. Default Re: Cube World!

    I have been wanting this game for five of the evers.

  3. Default Re: Cube World!

    I'll try it out, I've been looking for something for my friends and I to play.

  4. Default Re: Cube World!

    I saw this project months ago and have been waiting for news on its release. Going to jump on it when it is.

  5. Default Re: Cube World!

    Yea, after watching his blog for so long im getting super excited and anxious after youtubers have gotten keys and posting videos

  6. Default Re: Cube World!

    Can I just say that after I read the overview, this is SO gonna be better than minecraft
    Can't wait!

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    I've been waiting years for this game to come out. The creator has been so secretive and elusive with details for super long periods of time.

    I'm willing to host a server for this, however I need a new server to host it on.... LF> $300-400 bux

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    Im pretty sure anyone can just host a game iirc.

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    Yeah I figured it would work like Minecraft. A downside I am seeing is that there is no Linux version planned or mentioned .__.

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    Demo test before alpha coming some time this week it seems

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    Default Re: Cube World!

    Oh wow this is really nice.
    Sinec it will be impossible to get into the Alpha I'll just wait for the Beta

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    He is releasing the Alpha later for a price, right now its in closed alpha until the demo is done with.

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    I wonder, could anyone answer me how mod-able this will be?
    To me that'll be the key factor of how replayable it becomes.

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    Highly doubt you will get an answer from anyone other than wollay himself.

    Update: Wollay working on the demo today

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    I swear I thought this would be a screen shot of some rich player with thousands of cubes....

    Graphics resemble Minecraft.

  16. Default Re: Cube World!

    Voxels will do that.

  17. Default Re: Cube World!

    This looks fun. I'm in but only once it becomes either mac compatible or can be played on the Wii U. glad he's mentioned it being OS X compatible in the future though.

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    Wow now that I can watch the video, the music is just perfect, it's been on repeat lol

  19. Default Re: Cube World!

    He has the music on soundcloud I believe

  20. Default Re: Cube World!

    The alpha keys arent out yet right? I see a lot of people claiming they have them



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