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    Default Mystic Eye Accessory or Atk Raccoon Mask?

    So I am in the process of doing everything I can to get my Wind Archer prepared for the Cygnus revamp, including collecting Crusader Coins. Before I buy the Mystic Eye Accessory, I just want to know if it would be a better option to purchase a Raccoon Mask with weapon attack and then cube it to Legendary Tier, or just get the Mystic Eye Accessory, scroll it for the bit of weapon attack I can get, and Legendary Tier it.

    I would most likely aim for 12% dex on the Racc Mask vs. 21% dex on the the weapon attack more valuable than the 9% dex?

    My other hesitation is that I am not sure if Nexon is going to go through another wave of duped item you think they would do that again? Or am I worrying over nothing?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Default Re: Mystic Eye Accessory or Atk Raccoon Mask?

    depends on the amounts, and without going into some complicated math i don't know how to do, i'll say that the attk to %stat ratio usually orbits around 2%stat=1attack

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    Default Re: Mystic Eye Accessory or Atk Raccoon Mask?

    I went with a mostly because racc mask because it's tradable. It's hard to say without your exact stats, but an average CoG mask would have ~18 att which is slightly better than 9%dex for me.

    If it's for a merc, use Elufu's calculator over at Basil and run the numbers yourself.

  4. Default Re: Mystic Eye Accessory or Atk Raccoon Mask?

    Heavily dependent on how much WA you have when on the go (I really mean standard fully buffed) and how much %stat you have. We'll also need a ballpark figure of how much WA you're looking at for both face accessories.




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