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    For those of you familiar with Mabi what this brings is a new skill tree ( Dual-Gun / Gunner ), new raid system and more crafting skills for creating magic items and gathering materials, and a similar pair for gathering materials and creating guns.

    Teaser Site

    For those of you who have no idea what Mabi is, or only a rough idea, it's more of a 3D sandbox RPG that focuses on goal oriented activities. There are no true classes, you can gain infinite levels and infinite skill points and assign them across all skill trees however you want, but advancing along each skill requires actively using it in various scenarios and meeting the requirements of each level to advance. Basically each skill level is a mini quest chain unto itself. Some of which are easier than others.

    The game scales fairly well, it has a mix of instanced and non-instanced portions, decent communication systems and a fairly detailed market. There's no real sense of competition between other players because of how open everything is, it's more about cooperating than outdoing each other, or about just doing your own thing.

    You can spend your time dungeoneering, exploring quests, working on missions, running major questlines, working on skills of various types, doing commerce runs from town to town in exchange for gold, ducats (special currency) and XP, working on crafting through dozens of skills.

    Mabi has it's own forms of grinding as any game does, but they tend to be less repetitive than most and have a specific visible tangible end in sight you can always see getting nearer before you move on to the next task.

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    Patch is tonight, get your excitement ready.

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    I hope Guns are good enough to solve my problem with Fighter as main.. I really need some kind of AoE... Also, is it true that the G18 will be repeteable? I need to finish my Shamala quests too... But I'm too busy with G1...

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    Aren't all Generation storylines repeatable now, via Duncan?

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    Nope. You can redo the revamped versions of Generations 1-3 once if you completed them before the Genesis update by speaking to Lorna though.



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