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Thread: What earrings?

  1. Default What earrings?

    Here's my doubt,
    my current earring is a 15%str clean one with no additional pot.
    Today I bought this rose earring, unique (2 junk lines) on additional pot but with no regular pot.
    I would eventually be trying to pull a decent result on both potentials, but seeing as I have no experience with carved slot cubes (as in rare>epic>unique rates and amount of %s based on rank), here goes the question - should I stick with my current 15%, add the new potential on them and cube from rare, or cube the unique-on-additional ones and add regular pot to those? (I'm aiming for 15%+ on regular and 4%+ on additional)

    Also, short questions about additional pot.
    Does it have tiers like the regular one?
    Assuming 3rd tier (71+), iirc primary %stat lines are 2 for rare, 4 for epic and 6 for unique? (idk/idc for legendary)

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    I would just work with the earrings you have since 15% is good. Additional Pot is similar to Regular although I don't know if it has a Legendary because the highest one I have seen is Legendary

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    Stick with the 15% earring. If you really want additional pot anyway, stop once you get ATT on your earrings because anything else tends to take too much cash (Even just ATT might do that).

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    Like the others have said, stick with your current earrings, 15% is good as is, anything else on the bonus would be just that, you can get 10att on rare bonus potential anyways, which is one of the best lines.

    Also, if you have other gear that isn't as good as your earrings, upgrade that first. What I like to do is make sure all my gear is at least 3%, then start upgrading things to 6%, then when everything is 6%, continue the cycle. Sometimes you'll get lucky too and get like 12% when you're aiming for 3.

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    Thank you a number!



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