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    Hi there,

    It's been awhile since I played maple and I was hoping to have hints on a good/hidden map. The last place that I remembered with insane spawn was the beer tent cause that's' when I quit. Over the last couple of days, I have tried to find a good flat map or one with decent spawn so I can farm event drops. I don't mind the level of the mob at all. If anyone have a good map please let me know. I have tried all the dungeon timer maps and they're ok but Idk if that's the best place.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Good map to farm

    What event drops?

    Tea Bags for coins? Evo Link 3. You'll have to leave to finish quest & re-accept.
    Anniversary Box? I do pretty good at Oblivion 5. Good for tea bags too. I did all 10 quest within 30 mins (primarily due to x2 event and x3 buff).

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    If you are 160+, I recommend Road to Oblivion 5. The spawn is nice and the monsters are pretty easy to take down.

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    Yea the boxes since I'm starting again and the set looks like a nice place to start. Thanks for the tip.

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    Are you playing eMS or gMS? Mentioning the beer tent made me think it's eMS so there might be just a few maps that would differ from gMS.

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    I played gms back then ~4-5 years ago when they have the beer tent map for a bit. Though upon googling it seemed like it's a ems thing. Which is weird since I never touched ems.

    Edit: Well imma go sleep but thanks all for the fast responses. ToT might be a bit hard for me atm due to range issues so I'll just start at smaller maps and work my way there.



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