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Thread: [Scania] P/C> Japanese Myth Equipment

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    I got these from Gachapon.

    Are they worth spending 4k NX each on (for the PSoK)?

    Please respond, and thank you in advance.

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    The armor isn't worth psoking. I don't know how it is in Scania, but in GAZED the weapons are quite hard to sell unless its a dagger or katara.

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    See, I believe you.

    But when I go into the FM (not in the first six rooms), I see Amaratesu equipment going for 10 billion mesos. And these pieces of equipment are clean.

    I just saw some bowman equipment going for 500 mil as well.

    Thank you for your answer, by the way.

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    If you see them unsold for 10b, the person just wants offers. If you see them sold for 10b, the seller is lottery lucky and the buyer is stupid beyond belief.
    NX ration is around 1k (NX) : 80m (mesos), so 320m per pkarma to sell them, only the weapons are worth pkarmaing, your weapons though happen to be for unpopular classes.

    I've hardly seen any sengoku weapons though, only daggers, kataras, and 1h swords. I'm unsure if your would sell fast. Maybe put it in your shop's title? ("S>_____, leave offers.")

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    Thanks for that.

    Yeah, most I've seen at 10 billion go unsold - but there was one in FM 14 or something like that which sold at 4 billion - so go figure that.

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    If it was a weapon, it must've been either scrolled really well, legendary potential, or one of the ones I mentioned. Or all three of those.



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