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  1. Default MAX range Limit?

    If Max range is 2mil-2mil and the Dmg Cap is 50mil

    some class have some limitation on them.... let say you have 2mil range but even with that you still cant hit 50mil
    let say u hit 30mil at most that include boss dmg and all the possible thing

    1. total dmg is now added to the range does that mean boss dmg now multiple to total dmg now?
    2. if you have max range and ur dmg isn't near the cap is it possible to increase more dmg w/o boss dmg? and does total dmg still increase the dmg further? now?
    3. if you have max range and you get more gear to power up does your dmg still goes up until you u reach dmg cap? or it is limited by the max range?

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    The 2mil range is a visual cap (Soft cap). There's no "Hard Cap" on your range as far as we know.
    You'll still gain damage even if it doesn't reflect in your range.

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    As I can understand from this thread stats and attack won't increase your damage any further. However total damage and everything else will. Right under reinforce hypers spolier.

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    There's no range limit. Shouldn't be possible to hit 70M Asura on Hard Hilla (basically 140M Asura since she has physical resistance) if it was capped at 2M.

    edit: I'm referring to this.

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    This is correct and still applies even with this patch. (Venom damage STILL continues to go up after 2m-2m, and it's really hard to tell as the damage is completely unstable but quad star probably does too)

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    i'd love to run some tests on that myself ._.



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