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  1. Smile Create a Cygnus

    Hello guys, I've been away from the game for almost 7 years, came back 3 weeks ago.

    The Buccaneer looks pretty fun to play and so does the revamped warrior thats coming in the future. I was wondering, is it worth making a Cygnus and then create an UA? I was thinking about making a Thunder Breaker and then a UA Spearman but I have limited character slots, Idk if its worth making a character just to get an UA, because I heard Cygnus characters dont get much attention since they cant get past 120. If UA isnt that amazing, Id rather have a Buccaneer and a 'normal' Warrior.

    Could you guys please post the advantages of being an UA?

    Thank you!

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    The only real benefits of a UA are getting the special Cygnus summon and skill (maybe the ability to wear higher level equipment until level 140 or whatever). If you're considering future updates, you should look into the revamped Cygnus classes (only TB, WA, and DW at the moment) and see if one of those interests you, that way you can kill two birds with one stone :)

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    Damn, the revamped Thunder Breaker looks really fun! And the skills effects are awesome, I think Ill do what you suggested :)

    Thank you!

    Edit: Btw when are we getting this revamp?

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    KMS got it like a couple of weeks after the end of Unlimited, so maybe after Xenon for you guys. If you want the UA though you should get your Cygnus to level 120 ASAP because as soon as the first revamp patch hits, you won't be able to make UAs anymore.

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    Oh damn I better start it then, thanks for the tip!

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    We get Xenon before Demon avenger.

    OT: go with his advice still :P. Except more like this



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