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  1. Default To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf


    I have yet to see anyone say something reasonable to why they are happy/agree with the nerf to these places. No one is forcing you to to go to these places to train. If you wish to be a masochist and spend time taking much longer to get to the same goal for some distorted belief of what you think is "challenging", be my guest. No one is stopping you. What I don't understand is why so many of you are so selfish, in the sense that, if you wish to train a certain way, everyone should have to train that same way. I'm gonna go on a limb and say grinding for many, many maplers is the least fun-aspect of the game, while Party quests, Guilds, Bossing, Socializing are the more fun aspects of Maple. I don't know where people get this silly idea that time consuming = difficulty. Making something take longer is not necessarily making it more difficult (this could vary when applied to bosses), but what it does do is make it more boring and tedious. Tedious being the key-word.

    What I'm getting at is that, many people don't wish to spend a lot of time leveling at lower levels. They and myself find it boring, and find the game far more fun in the later levels where nearly everything is available to the player (bar level restricted pqs etc). So the way I see it is: If you wanted to level faster and get to end-game content, you were happy to have monsters like jesters and aliens which provided a quicker way to get to the part of the game you actually enjoy more. Whereas, those who wish to make the game more challenging for themselves (although again..its my strong belief that time consuming =/= difficulty) perhaps similar to a test of endurance can gladly do that. They aren't forced to train at those better training spots, and they can still derive the same enjoyment from training at their slower spots.

    Same thing applies to LHC. No one is forcing you to use those party play area's. If you wanna be anti-social/a loner/what have you, be my guest. You can still train at other places without having to *gasp* join a party. Actually this part is funny because those same people who are for the LHC party play nerf, use SH,HOH, Twilight Perion. Bunch of hypocrites, lol.

    So I'm open to your responses, please tell me why this was a good idea. And no I don't want to hear because YOU like to train a certain way those spots should be nerfed to compensate. Variety is the spice of life.

    I posted this on basil but I would like to see hear SP's response to this as well.

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    Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    Because of ksers. Enough said.

    I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now that 2x brings the worst of us, leading to ks wars and such.
    With all of the stuff removed, there is now a variety of places to train that HAS BEEN AVAILABLE SINCE THE START but people don't seem to find any interest.
    This move now makes people to think otherwise.

  3. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    Maybe it has to do with making other spots viable instead of just that one that gets impossibly crowded during 2x events. In populated servers even weekdays are impossible.

    It worked the other way around for Aliens and NLC in general, you felt forced to train there because:

    Not many want that.

    You're just assuming that everyone who agrees with that change has the mindset you describe in your post.

    Oh, and also

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    Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    It has nothing to do with some players wanting to force other players to level a certain way, it's the fact that you spend levels 13-160 in less than like 5 maps (Rotting Skeletons, Scarecrows, Jesters, Aliens, LHC) and 4/5 of those are in areas that are pretty much exclusive to gMS. Before the nerf, there was no incentive to actually explore the game. Sure it was convenient for leveling up mules and such, but you never visit any of the major towns and as a new player that totally warps your view of the game. Imagine if you were playing, let's say, WoW and the best way to level up was by grinding in the tutorial area from 1-90. You would learn absolutely nothing about the game. By removing these over powered areas (or rather nerfing them) it forces the player to expand their horizons and actually travel to different areas.

  5. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    1) Renders the vast majority of the game useless - It's pretty self explanatory. It's especially noticeable when you compare Aliens and LHC to other areas. Jesters is *tolerable*, but only barely.
    2) Stupidity - I can't count the number of times I've seen any kind of variation of "Well Jesters (or Aliens, or LHC) is full. Guess I can't train." Not to mention the KS wars are equally as stupid.
    3) I've never liked them to begin with.
    4) (LHC mostly) Detracts people from PQs - You guys are all so "If you don't like it, don't train there." Well the alternatives are pretty dead when you consider that everyone flocks to the other places mindlessly. You can't PQ with just one person.

  6. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    Instead of saying what everyone else said, I'll say something about LHC.

    Why I'm glad LHC is nerfed: Not only did hackers make this place a hell hole for those who trained here, no one ever went beyond Crockies to better maps. Why? BECAUSE THE QUESTLINE WAS A LIVING HELL!
    LHC was supposed to be a theme dungeon, but when people complained about it, Nexon catered towards them. Yes, it's good, but the aftermath of that was the quests being so stupidly hard that it wasn't worth it. Case in point: Reindeer Spears. No one hunted that thing because it was never good for training. So, no one ever went deeper than Crockies. No quests? Easy leveling.

    Same thing for Aliens. People hated doing the questline for it. People found different ways to get to Aliens (dooring a level 60 there) just to level quickly.
    Now, when other people go to monsters 30+ or so levels above them, and can level in 2-3mins, something is massively wrong.

  7. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    I wouldn't say stupidity. My DB got stuck at 196 because it was impossible for me to find parties to do HoH, PQs or whatever because of the time I was able to play. 2x events weren't much better because in most cases I wouldn't be able to find a pineappleing party. And soloing wasn't an option because of the time strains I had and also because high level maps would take me forever to solo, or maps I could solo were just too crappy. Maybe with more time I would've invested in solo training HoH or something.

    The thing about PQs and party play spots is that it also limits what you can actually do. If you play during times of the day when not many people are on you're more or less screwed. I don't know much that changed and if any content was added/fixed recently but for some solo training is just impossible at high levels.

  8. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    Yeah but if you got KSed, you didn't have to train there, which is what my point is. And you kind of proved my point..the spots been available from the start, its up to the individual to train where they like.

    Except that they didn't make other spots viable. In fact it seems they've nerfed experience in general? And for the record there is a way to make other places viable without nerfing certain spots. By increasing the experience/spawn rate or simply making a map layout more efficient, they could have instead created variety by making MORE good places to train rather than nerf the only good ones we have. That is my point.

    Not many want that? I can't say how many want or don't want it, but In my experience I've seen what I consider to be a decent amount of people complaining about how easy it is to level now. That suggests they wish it to be "harder" which really just equates to more time-consuming.

    I'm not assuming, I was more joking in saying that, but I really do see it like that to some extent since I didn't have any other peoples views to go on.

    Also forgive me but in what way am I a hypocrite? I didn't say I wish to train at places like Jesters/LHC exclusively, just that the option being rendered practically useless is irritating.

    So I see a few people have this as the reasoning. I think, it says a lot about a game if you have to force your players to explore. Instead of making other areas more viable and efficient, all they did was [b]nerf the actual good ones/[b] Yes, this will in a way (honestly lets face it, people will just use the next best alternative..) cause people to "explore", however, that doesn't make those places worth exploring.

    Pretty much the same points, I get it. Again my thing is, why not make other places more viable then? So instead of improving the game and make it WORTH IT to go other places, they force players to do it by nerfing the places that are actually efficient..seems lazy. For the record LHC is the same as SH/HoH yet no one has an issue with that? And the newly added Twilight Perion. If you don't like LHC, you don't like those places either because they are the same party play areas.

    I understand the PQ issue, but again, make them more fun, more rewarding, more challenging ( for those who want that) and people WILL PQ. Monster Park Extreme is an example of a great source of experience that people USE.

    Hackers are not an argument for nerfing LHC. Hackers can go anywhere. The questline can be fixed without nerfing the party play status though, I don't really get how those things are correlated?

    I don't know when people stopped going beyond crockies, but I remember there used to be a time when people trained at the golems ( or w/e they were) and bearwolves.

    You're right about that, people hated doing that. Maybe because they don't enjoy it? Its boring etc?

    You guys are all saying similar things. But if I/those people don't find those things enjoyable, why should we be forced in to it? I find end game far more fun than the journey there. Thats my opinion of course.. I don't want to waste time doing something (grinding for long periods of time/boring party quests or what have you) to get to the part of the game I find more fun. And while its impossible to please everyone, I feel this move completely alienated one side of their playerbase while favoring another. Instead of catering to just on type of their players, they could just as easily actually start working on the content we have and improving it rather than making it worse (for some).

    Also with 250 added, why does leveling fast at lower levels matter anymore? It would be balanced out in the grueling journey to 250.

  9. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    Everyone else pretty much got it already.

    And to the OP: the motive is not to make people's lives miserable and they are not selfish inconsiderate masochists. You probably won't understand any of the points made here if you honestly believe in that preconception.

  10. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    Nexon should fix other problems with the game before doing stuff like this (namely hacking). It's just that adjusting mob HP and exp is way easier than dealing with all the other crap they've ignored.

  11. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    The only main reason I like the nerf of LHC is because I've wanted the badge and MMB from the questline, and now I can finally do it.

  12. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    I was half-joking when I said that, and yet there are people who do think like that, and want "leveling to mean something again". For that to happen everyone must deal with what they believe the rate of experience should be.

    edit: I think some people have the nostalgia claw hooked in them so tightly, that they don't believe in anything else other than what the game used to be. I think those are the people who are the ones who want to take hours upon hours party questing/grinding to level once at level 50.

    I guess the main issue here is Nexons incompetence. Which we're all used to, but its still annoying.

  13. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    Because the problem is not that the other places are bad it's that Aliens/Jesters/LHC is better. Also, buffing their EXP is essentially the same as power creep.

    Monster Park Extreme also falls under the category of Aliens, however you can only do 5 a day (unless you save tickets), so I wouldn't think it's nearly as problematic. I don't think I'd have a problem with Aliens if it had like a 30-minute time limit. That's not a problem with me at all. It gives you the benefit of Aliens without completely nuking away the value of other maps.

    My response to PQs is the same as above: they are worth doing, people just don't do them. Not to mention the returns are diminished when (if you want to PQ), you're probably stuck going with the first three people you find and that may not actually be the most optimal group for getting EXP. You'd also have to factor in the time factor of having to wait for three people, a person might leave, etc..

  14. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    I find it ironic how you call Nexon lazy for fixing the proportions yet your entire gripe is it's too inconvenient to level now.

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    Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    it was pretty much the same deal in the old days as it was with aliens
    WR, pig beach ,sniping newts and more

  16. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    I'm not familiar with the quest rewards, what was preventing you from doing it before?

    What makes it a power creep? I don't understand. Because even with Lhc, starting from about 140-150+ leveling slows down a lot. Now that we have a 250 cap, as I'm sure you all know, it will take some exorbitant amount of time to reach cap. I'm perfectly fine with this, but why must the lower level training be slowed down as well? (this is my main issue with jesters/aliens and LHC being removed). I don't know about other people but I certainly don't find the lower levels entertaining/fun.

    I don't think I'd have a problem with your suggestion either regarding a limit to aliens and such, At least the option would be there still. Regarding party quests, I understand that. Can I ask then, have you or anyone else for that matter, have seen an increase in party questing? I don't count MPE, or Dimension Invade as those seem to be purely for experience.

    Perhaps lazy is the wrong word, but I never said I wouldn't or couldn't do it, so I'm missing the ironic part. and I'm sorry I don't have all the time in the world to spend doing the least favorite part of the game for me. Actually I'm exaggerating a bit since its nowhere near as bad as it used to be way back in the days, still this was more for to see other peoples perspective rather than me complaining.

  17. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    Jesters/Scarecrows/Zombies were not supposed to have that much EXP, they were skipped over (for quite some time) when the exp curve changed (much like truckers/gallos during Big Bang).

    Aliens IDK what they were doing, but they fixed it at least.

    LHC party play removal has happened in every other version of MS to my knowledge. This was probably a long time coming (despite Nexon stating that they "listened to us" and kept the party play because of that.

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    Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    Yes, ridiculously fast levelling at haunted mansion and LHC was CLEARLY intended, considering it's not in any other versions.

    lots of areas to level, and everyone spends all their time in one place. It was CLEARLY unbalanced, and anybody who doesn't see that is spoiled and stupid. Just suck it up and train at the multitude of other areas available.

    I'm glad they are least TRYING to take steps to balance the game out, rather than leaving it broken as it was. People have been spoiled and now they are whining that they actually have to work, it's pathetic.

  19. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    Us having the party play mobs. I could have done them, but it would probably take months since you need like 200 mob drops.

  20. Default Re: To those for the Aliens/Jesters/LHC Nerf

    I like the fact that now you have a wider choice in where you want/can train that won't affect how much slower you will level than people who will train in mainstream training spots (Jesters, Aliens, LHC).

    Don't get me wrong I'm not happy with the current nerf, our community was not ready for such a set back and taking away our faster ways of leveling to give more "variety of viable area to train on" without changing them was wrong. What they should have done is buffing other area while nerfing these hot spots, leveling has become so much harder in just one patch that most people who are used to 1-3 level an hour can't go back to 10-30% an hour and many will probably stop playing. Just having our current exp:HP ratio changed to 2*exp:1*HP for level 70+ areas and 3*exp:1*HP for level 120+ areas wouldn't have been too bad of a set back for people who are stuck on these levels (excluding 160+ areas of course, those aren't too bad right now I'm hearing).



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