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  1. Default Fastest class to 50?

    Out of the currently available classes, which is the easiest to get to level 50 unfunded?

    I usually do Demon Slayer or Kaiser but they're both disabled, choices are Explorer/Cygnus/Resistance/DB/Cannoneer/Jett or Mihile. Apparently it's level 50 to world transfer this time instead of 20

  2. Default Re: Fastest class to 50?

    Don't forget Cygnus and Mihile has that +10%EXP...


  3. Default Re: Fastest class to 50?

    I'd pick a Cygnus, so that when you have it on your main server, you have an extra link skill almost ready, and an extra advantage in the form of extra AP. If it's from your server, and you have the character decks, I guess Jett moves quite fast, doesn't he?

    That's currently glitched though, it seems. And when they fix it I'm sure the event will have ended.

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    BaMs and WHs would be pretty fast I'd imagine.
    Jetts are fast too.

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    Default Re: Fastest class to 50?

    Anything with a kill-on-the-move skill, like Mihile's second job "Radiant Driver". Zip back and forth at CDs. I suppose WHs with their ability to shoot while running can do that too, but I've never played one so I can't be sure.
    Also, don't forget Tot gives free level-ups, if you catch him in the right mood. I don't know the new Kerning Mall questline, but with the old one, "overleveling" the first quest (by just grinding at CDs) made Tot forget all about them and send you to Drakes, where he'd pretty much give you a free level-up for killing 20 or 30 drakes.

  6. Default Re: Fastest class to 50?

    I think I'll go with Jett since I remember the double Flash Jump being fun xD I would do Mihile but the 10% EXP doesn't work (just made one to find out).

    I had forgotten all about Tot, hopefully that'll make this less painful. Thanks everyone :)

  7. Default Re: Fastest class to 50?

    Luminous are fast because they get to 30 with quests. They also get decent damage at 2nd job even post nerf.

  8. Default Re: Fastest class to 50?

    I made a Jett; just following Tot's and messing around casually I got to ~36 in a few hours.

  9. Default Re: Fastest class to 50?

    Luminous are blocked atm, he didn't list them in the OP. Otherwise I would've suggested that as well.

  10. Default Re: Fastest class to 50?

    It's too bad Kanna is blocked. They are easily the fastest. Tot's Know How gets you through 40-50 in 10 minutes. Of all the characters I have played, they have the biggest skip range.

  11. Default Re: Fastest class to 50?

    A Perma Beginner, obv.



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