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  1. Cool Interview with Nexons very own Community Volunteer Maryse!

    Jordan: "Hello Maryse i am so glad that you agreed to do this interview! So please before we begin please tell us alittle about yourself?"

    Hello! :) My pleasure!
    Well, my name's Maryse, that's my real name and I'm actually surprised I got to finally claim it on some website since it's usually taken! I'm French Canadian, only have been speaking English for a good 5 years or so. I've been playing Maple since 2008 but actively playing since 2010. My favourite colour's blue and I love giraffes.

    Jordan: "So everyone knows you on the GMS forums as a volunteer. Can you please tell us how you became a volunteer?"

    I've been wanting to become a Volunteer for quite some time, actually. Once Ciel and Tyler became Volunteer, I'll admit I was a bit jealous because I also wanted the job. Hime told me that I should work on my attitude towards people, and so I did. Then one day she approached me and about a month or so later I was a Volunteer!

    Jordan: "How long have you been a volunteer and what are your experiences with being one?"

    I think it was near the end of January? Either end of January or beginning of February. So far the experience has been quite fun, though I do get my share of hate and praise. It's interesting how people can see you if you have such a title and what they think of you. They automatically think I'm a butt kisser of some sort, but they know nothin'!

    Jordan: "Could you please tell us some of the things you can do as a volunteer?"

    As of now, I can merge threads and posts, lock threads, move threads, delete threads and posts and I can make stickies, but I don't make those unless I ask if I can.

    Jordan: "When hime left did you feel the need to work harder as a volunteer?"

    No, I don't think so. But I've definitely felt like I've been working a lot harder since I seem to be moderating alone most of the time. Which can get a bit stressful if there's a maintenance going on or just a lot of issues in general.

    Jordan: "What do you think about the recent update Unleashed?"

    I've got a few complaints, of course. Dojo bosses and bosses in general being my main concerns. Besides that I've been enjoying the new content even though I've only been to Twilight Perion, which I quite like actually.

    Jordan: "Are you going to try to aim for level 250?"

    Haha, no! I'm not gonna worry about EXP that much and just gain as I go. I'll probably train here and there because it's been a while since I've trained my Battle Mage.

    Jordan: "What was the earliest memory you have of Maplestory?"

    Probably not the earliest, but I remember when I was about level 50 or 60 on my i/L, I would spend a LOT of time in the Drumming Bunny dungeon in Ludibrium. I didn't even know I was what we call now "grinding". I was pretty much just trying to make some mesos and apparently I thought that 50 mesos per drums was amazing. So I would spend a lot of time in there, picking up everything that I could just so I could go and sell it to an NPC and go right back to killing!

    Jordan: "Can you tell us how long you have been playing maplestory and some of the things that you loved about and and some things that you hated?"

    Been playing since 2008, actively playing since 2010. I was probably one of the few people that was glad Big Bang happened, so that patch was exciting for me. I loved the Alien Event we had a few years back, it's my favourite event of all time.
    Something I hated... To be honest, nothing comes to mind right now. Well... I hate that all my friends quit and never came back. :(

    Jordan: "If you could change three things about maplestory what would they be?"

    With the release of Unleashed, first would be revert bosses to the way they were. Maybe buff them a little but not like they were before and are right now.
    I would give people more chances to gain good items and chances to get cash shop items. Reduce the "pay to win" factor. The game is free to play but there is a huge gap between the people that do spend money and those who don't.
    I honestly can't think of anything else since, with the release of Unleashed, again, I've been fine with the nerfing of LHC, Aliens and Jesters. I've mostly avoided those areas unless I wanted to power level.

    Jordan: "How do you think Nexon NA has improved over the years?"

    As I've only really been following the events and the company since 2010, they definitely have improved, especially lately. They've become more transparent with the players, but I still believe that they still have some work to do when it comes to that. Understandably, there are some things that they cannot talk about, but I believe being more open and posting more on the forums, answering questions, could be a start.
    This isn't really Nexon related but I was actually looking at old threads from back in 2011, and the amount of negative threads really shocked me. While we still get our raging thread here and there, it definitely wasn't as bad as it was back then. So even the community somewhat improved.

    Jordan: "As a valued member of the maplestory community what would you tell new members that are just getting started in maplestory?"

    Don't go straight for power. Don't power level (at least not at first). Take the time to explore the world of MapleStory. It seems like so many people don't do that and I feel like they're missing out on great areas of the game as well as great story lines (yeah! story lines!) Try to make friends. That was one of the mistakes I made when I first started. I didn't make friends and that's what made me quit twice for several months each. I couldn't find anything to do in the game and quests became boring after a while (I still do have 955 quests registered under my i/L!). I made friends and, even if they quit, I didn't.

    Jordan: "What things could nexon work on to make maplestory or any other game for that matter better?"

    Though I don't know about any other games but they need to start listening to their players a lot more (they have been working on that, which is great). While they develop the game and whatnot, the players are the ones that know what they want the best. If the company cannot give the players what they want/need, it can make people go away. As a company, they want to make money, of course, but I think that listening to what their players want can bring them more money than if they ignore their pleas.
    I feel GMs should be more present. Have them interact with the players, have them do events every once in a while and most importantly, make them be feared by players.
    Nobody fears GMs anymore, people taunt them, they challenge them, and it shouldn't be like that.

    Jordan: "Now before this interview ends may i ask what your favorite job is and why?"

    This one isn't shocking at all. Battle Mage!
    I used to main an i/L, but ever since Big Bang... the Battle Mage has won me over.
    It combines 2 of my favourite things: mages and getting in monsters's faces.

    Jordan: "Last question, What are some things you are hoping nexon will change in the future or keep the same?"

    Customer Service/Support seems to be an issue and has seemed to be an issue for quite some time now. I think Nexon should definitely work on getting those tickets
    answered, and that in a timely manner. I believe customer service/support is an important part of a company.

    Jordan: "Well thank you Maryse for your time and happy mapling!"

    You're welcome! Happy Mapling to you and everyone :)

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    I often wondered if volunteer actually get to voice their opinions to Nexon in a more direct way than we can.

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    Yes they can.

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    all they can do at the most is talk to CM (community moderators) like Waltzing

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    I know this.

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    @Maryse; say hi. :U

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    I'm interviewing you now, what's your favorite drink to get hammered on?

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    Tomato Juice

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    I have to be honest keith, that wasn't Tomato Juice I gave you that one night, it was a bloody mary, which is why we were all laughing when you woke up the next morning with a "tumor"

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    God damn, man. That's overkill for someone who gets tipsy off of wine coolers.

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    Well I don't know about the other Volunteers, but I was often approached and asked about my concerns.
    Even if I wasn't approached, I approach them myself if there's something I want to ask or want to say.
    They'll definitely hear about this patch...


    I don't drink to get "hammered", so nothing. :P

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    I can attest that Maryse does indeed give us a hard time and is the furthest thing from a brown noser. :P



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