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    Currently my shield's potential is sitting at 12% M.Att, 20% Boss, 9% M.Att, and I love how much it shoots my range up because it makes my DoT go way up too, but I don't know of it's worth keeping or if I should aim for say 60%+ ish Boss. I easily have enough NX saved that it shouldn't be a problem to land that, but if I do it I know it'll be near impossible to land those lines again if I end up regretting it.
    I have around 850 M.Att from equips alone, 177% Boss, and 97% Ignore if that gives you any idea.
    I guess it's a pretty obvious choice, but I just need a little more convincing because I'm really going to miss that massive range increase.

  2. Default Re: Recube my Shield

    Use the new cubes? I know they're expensive but still.

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    If the damage increase from a boost of 40+%boss (taking into account the 20%boss already on it) outweighs the loss of 21%matk then it's definitely worthwhile. For what it's worth, I would recube it since in RED adventurers get emblems, which you can get %Matk on.

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    That's a good point. I guess I'll go for it.

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    Get a new shield :v.

    The thing is, when you land 3 lines that are useful, you keep it to use or sell.

    When emblems release, you can try to score boss damage on that. And if you happen to get like 12%9%9% MATK, you easily sell it, make some cash for your luck, then try to score boss damage again.

    Another thing is that 21% MATK helps more for training if you're at all interested in getting your levels up.

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    - Already recubed.
    - Not interested in going through the hassle of having to sell and rebuy.
    - Emblems can't get % Boss.
    - Don't care one bit about leveling up anymore until they either increase the max stat past 999 or introduce a 5th job/more skills/more Hyper Skills/whatever.



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