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    What do you get from completing GPQ? Did the rewards change? Do you get on the Honorable Rock? Do you get GP for your guild? Does it still give black sacks? Did the mobs change? Is Ergoth a joke or almost unbeatable? :s

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    Are you asking this because you've never done GPQ or because you're wondering if Nexon did leave it unchanged as they said?

    Answers are based on GPQ before it was removed:

    - You earn GP for your guild for completing it.
    - Ergoth WAS difficult but this was in like 2007, so he's incredibly easy by today's standards.
    - Your GP determines your place on the Honorable Rock, compared to other guilds in your world.

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    Well, to answer your questions in order, here's GPQ post unleashed:

    1. Nostalgia and your own sense of personal satisfaction?
    2. Not really
    3. I wish, but not anymore
    4. You still get GP for completing the PQ, but it counts towards your own GP contribution, rather than to the honorable rock ranking.
    5. I haven't seen one drop thus far from the reward stage. But I haven't completed enough to really say.
    6. Still unchanged from pre-BB...
    7. I remember the days when Ergoth was rightfully feared, and his dispel ability was deadly to me even at 4th job. Now... I just whack him to death with normal attacks.

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    As the others have said, it hasn't changed at all since pre bb. A lot the maps have the 800x600 resolution, especially the long narrow maps; they have black bars on the top and bottom.

    The rewards are the exact same as before.

    The GP you get counts towards the GP that's found in your guild menu, so it'll add towards your guild levels which is nice (you get around~600 GP per run I think) so it's a really good way to level up your guild.

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    Just wondering what changed from old GPQ.

    I've GPQ'd a lot back then where the guild I was in was #1 in Broa for a while ;o. Ergoth was still a joke back then but then again, we just ME bombed him with 2 Chief Bandits (one of them me :v).

    Glad to know it raises GP but kinda bummed there's no ranking of some kind.



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