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  1. Default Disconnected from login server

    This is only a minor issue but I find the nature of it pretty annoying.

    After a recent patch I wasn't able to get the game to launch from the website, so someone here told me to just run gamelauncher.exe to workaround it, so I've been doing that. But occasionally the game loads up and just as the 'Loading (Mushroom)' screen should be changing, the game crashes and I get 'You have been disconnected from the login server'
    What bothers me about this is that I wasn't even connected or logged in in the first place! It's supposed to go, Loading (Mushroom) -> Wizet -> Nexon -> enter user name/password... so how do I get disconnected from the login server before I even login =\

    It does eventually load up after another try or two though.

  2. Default Re: Disconnected from login server

    Hi :D
    I think you should re-install the game, it may be painful but last time I'm stuck with both this error and 11004, re-install solved :D



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