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    have any guild for addition potential ?

    addition potential feel like no same as potential ..

    i saw a earring , the add potential is [Element def+10%] something like this ..

    so need to ask ..

    did u all get "something speacial" status at addition potential ?

    pls help...

    or give me a guild .. ty

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    Initializing Translation.exe...

    Tl;dr: TS wants to get info on special additional potential lines or get a list of them.

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    That translation accurate?

    Edit: Ninja'd.

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    Does anyone have a guide for additional potential?
    Additional potential doesn't seem the same as normal potential...

    I saw an earring that had "Element Defense +10%" or something like that

    So do you get some kind of special line on additional potential?

    Please, I need help...or can someone link me to a guide?

    Edit: double ninja'd fml

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    ok this should be nice

    lucky have someone understand what im asking


    so , additional potential ,
    earring i saw is element def
    does anyone can share other speacial thing from additional potential ?

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    Yeah, bonus potential has some cool stuff.
    I've seen shoes with elemental resist, I tried cubing a helm for +%exp, saw elemental resist

    I usually just google "bonus potential southperry" and I find Fiel's post with the pools and options when it was first released in GMS.

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    Unfortunately, that list is no longer valid, if you're talking about the list in the GMS V.118 extraction thread.
    According to the V.132 update notes:
    Looking for someone to do an update to Fiels list (unless there already is a more recent extract). Purdy please.

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    I was under the impression the values of some were increased (e.g. +5 jump went to +7) - the "special" lines available to bonus potential only remained the same.
    I would like an updated list as well.



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