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  1. Default New scroll recycling thing

    It wasn't available for long so maybe noone here even figured it out but I have 2 Qs
    Can you use more than 1 of the same scroll?
    Will the product scroll be dependent on the reagent scrolls or is it random?

    I mean imagine if they made it so you could buy 5 100% topwear def scrolls from NPC and, even with a slim chance, turn it into a 60% GFA or something...

  2. Default Re: New scroll recycling thing

    1.) Yes, I used 5 of the same scroll.
    2.) I'm not sure, I used fused a few glove scrolls and I got an accessory scroll - it was sorta like a mmb, you double click it and you get a random scroll (accessory in my case. It was a 100% scroll iirc).

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    Default Re: New scroll recycling thing

    Its exactly the same as scroll synergy thingy. But instead of 2 scroll, you need 5.

  4. Default Re: New scroll recycling thing

    So you can get crap...

    There is the chance to get Chaos Scroll?
    Since I tried to put a chaos one and accepted it (obviusly I never combine any chaos...)

  5. Default Re: New scroll recycling thing

    If it gives the same rewards as the scroll synergy thing then it sucks massive nuts.

  6. Default Re: New scroll recycling thing

    Can you use it with the 100% scrolls you buy from an NPC for 35K? Because if you can, it might be profitable to do in mass amounts to try and create worthwhile scrolls. XD

  7. Default Re: New scroll recycling thing

    Tried it, got a 100% back. I'm beggining to believe that the scrolls you gain depends on which type of scroll you're gonna fuse the most. Like fusing only 100%s will only yield a 100%



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