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    Not sure if this is the best subforum for this, but it fits (I COULD phrase it as "should I switch up my character card decks?"). I figured with the server down I would get outside opinions on how I should arrange my character cards to maximize the effects.

    I have:

    Evan - S (MP recover)
    Marksman - SS (4% crit)
    Wild Hunter - S (1.5% insta kill)
    Dawn Warrior - S (wep def?)
    Dual Blade - A (iunno)
    Cannoneer - S (-exp% loss)
    Mercedes - SS (skill CD)
    Demon Slayer - S (Status resist)
    Phantom - S (meso obtained)
    Jett - S (summon duration)
    Mihile - S (wep def?)
    Kaiser - S (40 str)
    Angelic Buster - S (40 dex)
    Luminous - S (int?)
    Kanna - S (boss dmg)
    Hayato - S (min crit dmg)
    Aran - S (HP recover)

    What would be the best arrangement? I was thinking something along the lines of:

    Marksman, DS, AB
    Kanna, Hayato, Aran
    Evan, Mercedes, Jett

    (I think this is what I have, sets might be messed up too)

    This would be for my Marksman. I am not totally against making new characters, buuuut I'd rather not lol

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    One quick detail eventhough you are using both cards: Mercedes is Reduce Cooldown and Jett/Corsair is Summon duration.

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    i'd worry about this more when DA/Xenon are out. Then I would suggest...


    DA/DS/Battle mage (third one is up to you, really, I'd just do it for 3 card resistance set and % reduced damage taken)


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    I think Kaiser with +40 str would be a little more helpful than Jett summon duration.

    Marksman, Mercedes, AB/WH
    Kaiser, Hayato, Aran (Warrior Set Effect)
    Evan/AB, DS, Kanna

    I never used Evan's card, but if you want the Archer set effect you could move AB to be switched out with Evan, but that is up to you.

    Once DA and Xenon are out you are going to want something like:

    Marksman, Mercedes, AB
    DA,DS,Kaiser/Xenon, (Resistance/Warrior)

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    I forgot about Xenon/DA card lol

    I will be getting them to 120, and thanks guys for the help

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    Mechanic+DS+DA (Resistance Set)
    DB+Phantom+Xenon (Thief Set)

    Assuming you only care about this for your MM:
    You have 100% crit Snipe already so the MM card is useless. Unless you get another archer (future 200 WA?) for SS set I wouldn't use it. You should have 100% PDR as well so Pirate Set is useless. This is one of the few cases where I'd recommend the Thief Set.

    You can also swap Aran for Mercedes or a BaM. Mercedes %cdr is handy for extending Knight's Watch up time and BaM's %damage reduction (doesn't work with 1/1s) might better than drain in some situations.

    DB is %avoid btw.

    EDIT: Or swap Aran for AB for +40 dex (doesn't work with potential)

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    If it's at all possible, I would try to get another character to 200 (I know you said you'd rather not, but hey, you may enjoy Xenon or something ^^) as the 3x SS bonus is better than most set bonuses.

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    You may aswell finish your WH to 200 if you're willing to, so that you may make the A deck of
    - Marksman + Mercedes + Wild hunter (I'm not sure about the usefulness of the single cards on a MM, but these cards would grant an SS Archer set which gives +4% damage on Final attack which might as well as might not be pointful)
    and then arrange the other 6 cards to either
    - DS + DA + Xenon,
    - AB + Hayato + Kanna
    if you want the S Resistance deck (+10 allstats), or switch Xenon and Hayato so that you get the S Warrior deck (8%HP converted to damage).
    You would lose on Kaiser card but I guess that's the less significant loss seeing as your chars are dex-based.
    For the recording, S Xenon gives +20 str/dex/luk while S Demon avenger is 3(4?)% boss damage.

    On another pattern you may make a set of
    - DB (to be leveled to 100) + Phantom + Xenon (S Thief set which results in +3% max critical damage, on a 100% crit skill like Snipe it should work wonders),
    - DS + DA + Hayato (S Warrior deck) and
    - AB + Kanna + anything of your pleasure (Marksman?)
    if you think the Archer set is not as effective as the others.

    You could also disband the S Warrior, fill the 3rd deck gap with Hayato and complete the 2nd deck with an S BaM (yes a new character to create), which would drain 3% of damage taken and trigger the +10 allstat S Resistance deck), if Marksman suffers from 1/1 (not really into MM skills/gameplay here). nevermind ninja and destroyed. Any other Resistance could do though.

    That's two cents.

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    So many options

    I am reading all of the posts and appreciate the insight greatly even if I'm not really replying to each post.

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    Whatever you do though, before aranging all, consider sets. Like, your example could have switched that Jett with the Evan, and you'd have the hero set with Aran, Mercedes and Evan, for a few extra stats. Or Kanna with Demon Slayer for the Warrior set.

    Also, I love Evan's MP regen too much, since paired with monster life slimes, I no longer use MP potions.

    Once you have all your characters decided, remember there's even a bit more.

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    I currently use:

    Kaiser, Kanna, AB
    Mercedes, Evan, Luminous
    DS, Mechanic, Wild hunter (going to be replacing the wild hunter and DS with Xenon and DA)

    I would recommend something along the lines of this. A mechanic can really help out with casting buffs every three seconds (then again I'm a phantom >.>). The two other decks I have are for the Hero and resistance effects. I personally would go for the extra stats because they can help a little. I guess you could trade in the Kanna for the Jett, but you might want more boss% (idk). Really it's upto you :P.



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