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    I've been a fan of Southperry as both a warm community and a reliable source of information for quite long, and just today I decided to actually join the party
    My name's Lorenzo, usually shortened to Lore (which leads to English and Italian pronunciation being different but idc), and I'm a 18 years boy from Italy. Italians still exist on Maple albeit in a dramatically small amount.
    While it's easier to play multiple offline games at once (aka Ratchet&Clank and stuff), I stopped doing so when Pokemon games started to catch my attention (this is quite a long ago though) because I grew this concern of losing ground on the main game if minor business came along. That's also when I stopped following the GTA games questline and actually took in playing occasionally just to get as many police stars as I could in the shortest time possible.
    Then I got to know Maple through some school friends who played gMS back in 2008 (they were bigger than me and they quit after very short I considered trying it). As Europeans were already disabled from playing on the NA version, I was redirected to the European one. I've been playing on there ever since (the longest break recorded here was around 3 weeks and that was merely cause of no access to the game).

    Three interesting facts about me are:
    1) I hate overused words, "important" on top of all, especially here where said word works as a replacement for basically any adjective regarding any possible and impossible situation,
    2) my main character is ReIoading, a DrK, and I'm kinda proud of my achievements on him - also seeing as I've ever used real currency only to change my Bishop's style after Amoria was first released (you remember the free hair coupon quest?), but always afforded cubes with mesos earned quite hard to the point of hitting 100k max clean range on him,
    3) it took me around 20 tries to successfully register to Southperry because I either got the italicized word wrong or forgot the small no-spam question.

    With time, this site taught me to love chinchillas, sooo to y'all.

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    I only see 9 for the NoSpam question

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    Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums.

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    You're scary.



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