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    I saw that some of the class stuff suggested that MP was going to be reset for some classes to be based on level and job. (in news about the Thunder Breaker update). Does that mean that INT does not give bonus MP anymore?

    I wanted to do the old HP wash stuff to build up the MP on a new character, without trying to cycle it to hp, and wanted to know if it would work before I got started. A general reminder about method: To stack loads of INT to generate bonus MP on level. (10:1?)

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    INT already doesn't affect MP gain on level up for non-mages.*
    You can gain MP from INT by adding points into MP, that's the only way INT affects MP gain as far as I know. As for the TB update, I think that only made it so not even mages gain additional MP from their INT.

    Edit: clarified for GMS.

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    Int only gives bonus mp to mages now.

    Edit: Whoops I'm probably wrong...

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    which is dumb q.q As i got my evan to 167 after the patch where int stopped effecting mp. Now sitting at having 22k? mp at level 167 as an evan q.q

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    If mages can have 22k mp, and non mages can only get a handful (2k right now on my pally) of MP, then there should be something that we can point to other than INT difference. Is there a way to look at an extration or a test server wherein a mage can be leveled w/o int, and with for comparison, and a nonmage can be leveled under the same perimeters?

    I ask because all of the responses I've gotten so far seem to conflict. I think an extraction on how MP is accrued would be best.

  6. Default Re: MP Based on class?

    The formula was posted a while back when KMST accidentally put out their source code. Mages have a higher MP formula than all other classes to begin with. To add to it, though, mages get their INT factored into it as well. This is only true for MP gains when you level-up. IIRC, the non-mage formula is 10MP plus 1 to 6 additional points per level. Mages use pretty much that same formula for their HP. The function itself was a kludge of nested IF statements.

    This stuff is all server-sided and thus cannot be 'extracted'. Fiel just happened to get lucky and found the source code in a KMST client update once.

  7. Default Re: MP Based on class?

    Nice, well, that answers my question then. Thanks everyone.



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