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  1. Default KMST 1.2.480 Skill Patch Notes

    Since they've gotten into the habit of adding a few notes here and there, and include some clarifying information that you may not see in the readouts, I've translated the patch notes. If it's possible and there's interest, I'll continue to try to get these out (in a timely manner).
    Things of note:
    However many years after its introduction, Critical Throw's Minimum Critical Damage bonus will finally do something.
    Purge Area's Cooltime Reduce was removed in favour of a Boss Killer hyper, but the full change did not make it to the current version of Tespia, despite the patch notes thinking otherwise.
    Dark Sight ignores Magnus's meteors and sleeping gas.
    When Critical Growing/Prima Critical reach 100%, it resets back to your base amount.
    Assassinate's final hit has a small delay before activating; this may be based on some lag, as I've seen Shadowers move around/jump a bit before it occurs, but I've seen it occasionally activate instantly in some videos. It may require you to push the skill key again to activate more quickly. It is however, intended, from what the patch notes say.
    The 4th Crew Member of Crew Ship Commander provides status effect resistance and blocking, independent of the Assemble Crew Skill. i.e. say you have 50% Status Resistance. If that fails, you will sacrifice a crew member to block the status effect. With this 4th crew member out, you will have 15% more Status Resistance (65%), and if you fail to block it with that, there is a 15% chance of the crew member not dying to block it.
    Quick Draw requires you to stop attacking to activate; i.e. if you're using Rapid Fire, it will not automatically make one of your hits deal more damage. You have to stop attacking to use it when it becomes active, and they recommend you use it for Head Shot or another high alpha attack, since +30% for your next hit of Rapid Fire is pretty pomegranatety compared to +30% for Head Shot.
    Also, in 1.2.479(2), Arrow Platter's angle of firing and arc was adjusted to more easily hit enemies.


    KMST 1.2.480(2)
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    really cool improvements..

  3. Default Re: KMST 1.2.480 Skill Patch Notes

    Would've been easier to fix Meso Explosion by giving it a 'smart targeting' hyper or something which only exploded coins that were in range of monsters. Phase Dash is still a horrible skill, and I assume this means they have no intention of removing it. :(

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    Does this mean, The damage reduction from elemental charge will now reduce the the damage we, and party members, take from unavoidable Hp damage attacks. Since it specifically mentions it stacks with shads smoke screen, and shads smoke screen now

    Is this real life so wait, does this mean example if i have 30k hp. I would normally take 25% so 6k hp lost, meaning i now lose 5.4k hp Or does it mean i lose 15% hp so i lose 4.5k??? Im going to assume its the first one

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    I'm confused how anyone could possibly interpret it like that.

    Elemental Charge provides Paladins with a damage reduction. Smoke Screen provides anyone standing inside it with a damage reduction. They stack. How does that lead to you thinking Elemental Charge is a party skill?

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    I always thought it was a party skill, cause i remember reading it somewhere that mentioned that the % heal from the elemental charge applied to party members as well :X probably got that confused with 3rd job healy heal. Ill have to look for where i got that idea from sorry :C

    I understand now that it isnt a party skill, but since they went out of their way to mention that it stacks with Shads Smoke screen does it mean it now provides protection against unavoidable hp damage?

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    Okay, I'm going to go eat my shoes or something. It does have a party skill effect according to the last patch notes, but there's absolutely no mention of it in the extraction, readouts, and no indication for if a party member is affected. I have no idea if it actually does benefit party members.

    The Heal bonus affects HP Recovery for White Knights though.

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    You dont have to eat your shoes or anything, i just happened to be right(luckily). For you to double check the notes

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    Thanks for this Joe you are the only one that fully and thoroughly translates KMS patch notes. You catch the specifics that everyone else fails to mention.
    I sure hope that Paladin's defenses actually do work against %HP attacks now.



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