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    I was looking at the options for passive Hyper skills, and I was wondering if Hyper Defense and Hyper Magic Defense are modified by Shield Mastery. Does anyone know?

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    I'm a Paladin and yes, Hyper Magic DEF does add 1500 Magic DEF for me. Pretty much a must-get if you haven't capped your DEF yet.

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    I've always wondered, is there a hard cap for defense? Or a soft cap (being more than an the highest ememy attack), and if there is, do you think it'll be lifted or changed with this expansion? (Like health and damage caps were.)

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    In kmst currently raised the defense cap to 20,000 for paladins only so far

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    What? Wasn't it 30,000 in Big Bang? What changed?

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    i cant answer that, as my paladin was made after big bang. Ill have to ask my paladin mentor who instructed me in the way of the blunt weapon

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    It was raised in KMST at some point, but that change never made it to the live server.

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    All that defense we get is rather useless if you ask me with this 9,999 cap.
    I don't see why they haven't raised it yet.

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    Considering how much you can theoretically stack into gear (with 10% defense scrolls doing 50 def /30 mdef / 50hp a pop) it seems to me that the hard cap should be removed all together. Let the player decide how much defense is too much. Because, after all, for every 50 points of defense you get from scrolls that's 5 str, or 3 attack you're not getting.

    As for that 9,999 cap, is it before, or after shield mastery? Because I am in just awful gear and am nearly there myself.

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    Uh, after shield mastery, it is possible to reach 9999 weapon defense without shield mastery @Death should show you his screens xD

    Personally myself, im close to 7k weapon defense before shield mastery applied, I dont have empress items though, i use normal warrior equips :X

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    Yeah I don't use a shield but still have 14 or 15k defense.
    Pretty silly if you ask me.

    Can't show a screenie right now but I can post it later if you want.

    This means though, that any warrior with enough str can get above 9999 defense which makes it even more silly that we have 250% in the future.

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    Thanks for all the info. I'd love to see that screen shot when the servers come back up because I am quite interested in defense.

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    Only takes 200% str+ doesnt it though, Personally im at 13x%? and im close to 7000. I dont use empress though, if i did, i probably would be at cap without shield mastery?

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    No clue, I have around 230% str and a full empress set so I guess with just 200% str you could have 9999 already.

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    At that point shield mastery becomes a token gesture. Though how a paladin gets by w/o a(n attack) shield is beyond me. If you're at cap without a shield, then, there is no real point to being a paladin for survivability outside of Achilles, and other classes do that better.

    C'mon nexon, really? Nurfing paladin's offense and defense capability? That's just mean spirited.

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    I personally find it hard to reach 9999 DEF without Shield Mastery. Of course, the case may change if you're (extremely) funded.
    Though, according to a post above, they are going to raise the DEF cap to 20,000 for Paladins only. That's a pretty decent solution IMO.

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    I can't get over how there are special mechanaics for some classes that don't work for others, hidden behind the scenes, it's broken pomegranate like this that gets under my skin.

    I imagine though that if one has even 8.8k defense before a shield, getting an attack shield would immediately put a paladin on top again for max defense.

    But that raises the question: What about BAMs? They have 210% defense (by means of blue aura and battle rage), clearly they were also designed to tank with near equal splendor to paladins (heresy I know). Yes mage gear has less base defense, but literally all defense scrolls, with but one optional exception*, grant more base physical defense than mdef. They may even have higher magic defense than a paladin, even though it is only 150%, because of the higher base; it not for this hard coded cap that restricts this option from them.

    Cape for Defense has an equivalent opposite of Cape for Magic Def that reports 50 mdef, 30def, 50 MP (rather than def/mdef/hp) pounding out a much needed (base) ~500-600 mDef and ~500 MP on certain capes.

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    your literally getting mad over nothing, weapon defense doesn't do jack anymore, bosses do damage in % hp now. So no point to having 20k weapon defense, only helpful while training i guess?

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    Defense has a theoretical cap at 40k where you'd be reducing 100% of damage taken. But as mentioned above, it only applies to attacks that do regular (physical) damage, not the majority of new boss attacks doing percent hp.

    str is +1.25 wdef per point iirc, which is why with say, 8000 str, you have 10000 wdef from that alone (not even counting the 3x multiplier of shield mastery)



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