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  1. Sacred cow Male
    IGN: Equi
    Server: Aquila
    Level: 235
    Job: Luminous
    Guild: Pineapples
    Farm: holycow

    Default Luminous and buff duration

    Okay, as stated above. I was wondering whether buff duration affects equilibrium.
    I can't seem to time equilibrium, mainly because I don't know how long it lasts in the first place, and also it seems to be affected by server lag.

    Does anyone know whether it's affected or not? If not, which inner ability is good for a luminous

  2. Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    I believe it does. However, since hyper skills aren't affected by buff duration, Memorise-induced equilibriums won't have increased buff duration.

  3. Neutron Male
    IGN: Irorika
    Server: Scania
    Level: 205
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: ZeitVier
    Alliance: Beater
    Farm: Anzu

    Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    Inner buff duration is worked

  4. Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    15 second by default after you max the 4th job skill (it's 5 SP only; previously it gave a bonus of 10 seconds but they nerfed it).

    Buff duration does affect Equilibrium, but I suspect that it tends to screw up when you use Equalise.

    For IA, ALWAYS go for +1attack speed. Your attack speed is pathetically slow and I get very fed up with that at times. This IA should bring down Apocalypse delay by another 90ms, and Reflection and Ender by another 60ms. Average DPS increase should be pretty high, in the order of 7% for the 2 primary skills and 9% when using Ender. Your DPS when bossing has a significant component in Ender when using Equilibrium-Equalise-ToC so the DPS increase on average should lie closer to 8%, assuming you can pull off all the Enders in the 30-ish seconds of Equilibrium. Go see JoeTang's tables for more details, although he isn't using dual-equilibrium IIRC.

    %Boss is less useful (but still useful) because of %DMG sources from Dark Crescendo and the Hyper Reinforces. The maximum of 20%Boss from IA would give you an effective increase in DPS of 13.3% with no other %DMG/Boss sources, and any of those would bring down that effectiveness rapidly - possessing a DS card level 2 of 15%Boss brings that down to an increase in DPS of 12.1%. In fact, it would take an additional 85%Boss/DMG before this IA is equal in effectiveness to +1AttackSpeed, which is... well... you gotta cube to the max. Otherwise %Boss is still very useful.

    +INT and +MA give quite a decent kick but nothing in comparision to %Boss, %Buff and +1AttackSpeed. Your effective MA in battle is very likely more than 300, even at the non-NX, average-funded like me. As usual, INT < MA.


  5. Sacred cow Male
    IGN: Equi
    Server: Aquila
    Level: 235
    Job: Luminous
    Guild: Pineapples
    Farm: holycow

    Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    I'm in MSEA so I haven't gotten the nerf-ed luminous; darkness mastery adds 10s.
    Hmm, +1 attack speed is still better even if I have dsi?
    I was thinking of aiming for 50% buff duration actually, shall aim for +1 attack speed then..

    edit : and also, what's ToC?
    edit2 : i also have dse
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  6. Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    I just went for crit rate on my lumi, with decent SE and other crit pots i'm at 100% crit with lunar tide

  7. Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    Something to note is that buff duration is way easier to get than all the other good options (Crit, Boss, Attack Speed, All Skills +1). If you get buff duration just stick with it unless you have hundreds of circulators left over and really want the other IAs.

  8. Sacred cow Male
    IGN: Equi
    Server: Aquila
    Level: 235
    Job: Luminous
    Guild: Pineapples
    Farm: holycow

    Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    I'm kinda aiming for the best since we already have the revamped IA, and that legendary IA requires miracle circulators that costs 2.5k I can slowly circ them....

  9. Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    I see, maybe try get 2 or 3 good lines in that case. I guess try for crit, boss, buff duration, maybe attack speed if you don't have extreme green potions yet. If you don't care too much about damage, item drop rate is pretty good too.

    Cubing weapons for 2-3 boss lines is probably better than circulating IA for boss & crit if you haven't finished your weapons yet.

  10. Proton Gay Male
    IGN: Ferons
    Server: Bera
    Level: 200
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Chrono
    Alliance: Nocturnal
    Farm: Kansas

    Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    Doesn't ender have 100% crit?

  11. Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    It does but having 100% crit is useful for when you're waiting for equilibirum so i can use spectral light/apoc and maximize my damage output

  12. Default Re: Luminous and buff duration

    You're supposed to be using the other side of Lunar Tide... But it's pretty damn hard to control that, not with Black Blessing screwing things up.

    ToC is Terms and Conditions, from AB's link skill. Use it whenever you're in Equilibrium to boost your burst DPS.

    If you have DSI, I assume that you're at speed stage 3 now. +1AS will still shave off 90ms (even greater boost) for Apocalypse, and another 60ms off for Reflection. Ender doesn't quite go down so much, but the non-Equilibrium phases match up so all in all +1AS is still valuable unless you have already hit Fastest(2).

    DSE affects little in the argument; it increases the effectiveness of %critrate and increases the component of your DPS contributed by Ender. Since you're using the KMS system, %Buff is excellent - even 30%Buff gives you 6 more seconds of Equilibrium, which is a friggin lot considering you probably trigger Equilibrium every 90 seconds or so (before Memorise/Equalise). I can do more numbers, but only if you want such a detailed breakdown. I will need some more accurate idea of how long it takes to fill your gauges i.e. go from Equilibrium to Equilibrium when using Dark, and when using Light. I'm not JoeTang - he has a better idea than I do for some of these things, and his simulations will be statistically stronger than what I calculate on paper.

    Do NOT get +1passive-skills. You have only ONE skill that breaks the cap, and that's your mastery skill. What does it do: 1% mastery (0.5%DPS boost overall) and +1MA and +1%mincritdmg (1.5x -> 1.505x average critical damage with DSE, 0.3% increase in DPS). I have it now, and I'm not circulating that because I have >40INT coming from the other 2 lines that I can't pass over. Damn it.

    edit: needless to say, +1AS gives a knock-on effect of faster gauge charging, and more Enders during your Equilibrium phases. Those are fairly nasty to crunch, but not impossible.




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