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    Default Ban for "self-chosen" childlessness in Russia?

    I couldn't find an article in English about this, if you can, post it below. Just read about it in Finnish and found it so absurd that I had to share it. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with anti-gay laws, anti-abort and anti-foreign adoption movements in Russia lately but basically things are getting overly religious, or I'll put it this way... simply insane lately.

    Here is the original article I found, Google Translate'd:

    Here's the Finnish article and translation by me:

    Did I mention that a law banning "Gay propaganda" and other anti-gay laws were recently passed in the Russian parliament? WOW. Russia is rapidly regressing back to the dark ages.

  2. Default Re: Ban for "self-chosen" childlessness in Russia?

    Finally, a place for westboro church to run too.

  3. Default Re: Ban for "self-chosen" childlessness in Russia?

    What? Are they scared their population is going to die out or something?

  4. Default Re: Ban for "self-chosen" childlessness in Russia?

    with all the krokodil ins circulation, it eventually will.



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