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Thread: Brasil Protests

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    Read this as "basil protests"

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    F'ucking youtube.
    I can't watch the whole thing but from the first 2-3minutes it seems like they're in a similar situation as Colombia, and I'd dare say all of Latin America.
    It's nice to see that they care enough to actually do something. In Colombia public opinion is so messed up, so pomegranatety and so used to pomegranate that no one gives a pineapple.
    Welfare state just doesn't work for latin america.
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    thanks to the protests i just found out that the capital of brazil is apparently named Brasilia. I've always thought it was Rio de Janeiro.

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    Pretty much sums up the last 2 years worldwide.

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    I can't wait to see how these pan out. *excited*

    Well it was Rio de Janeiro. However, Brazil's constitution states that the capital should be a centrally located city and eventually it was moved to Brasília in 1960.

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    Oh look, I've been mentioned!

    Haven't watched the video on the OP, but yeah, protests everywhere. I was part of one in my hometown, Porto Alegre, on Monday Jul/17.
    People are pretty upset with a lot of problems:
    -impunity of senate/congressmen/governors in general even when convicted of corruption
    -bad health system
    -bad education
    -lack of security in the streets
    -poor and expensive public transport
    -the absurd amount of overcosted construction work for the world cup...
    the list goes on.

    I mean to continue participating in the protests, hoping something will actually change. Feels pretty awesome being part of this.

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    OMG at least i wasn't the only one X_x

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    And there will be more protests today. I wasn't going at first, but they cancelled all my classes AND internship for today so I'm going.

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    Just what did you try to say with all those "pomegranate"?

    Are you from Colombia? I live in Venezuela and I pay some attention to what happens in Colombia, and although there are indeed problems (like in most countries) it doesn't seem half as bad as it is in Brazil currently or as your "pomegranates" depict it so please elaborate.

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    I heard about this on the news, it seems pretty bad.
    The amount of money spent on the stadia and the other useless things is completely ridiculous and that money should be used to help those who need it instead.

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    Well, we gonna change that now :) Its a start at least.

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    How does Colombia's public opinion being s'hit, not caring about the s'hit that goes on translate to me depicting Brazil being in a better position?
    Of course caring is better, but that wasn't what I meant and certainly not what you understood from my post.
    If anything the troublesome part of my post is the beginning saying it is the same situation, which is fixed now.

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    You seem to have missunderstood what I said. I'm saying for what I see from Colombia, its situation isn't half as bad as Brazil's but the way you said the public opinion is pomegranate and used for pomegranate and all the other "pomegranate" depicts it as bad. That's why I'm asking if you are from Colombia because you might now better than me or at least what are your facts for saying such things.



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