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    Default US and Taliban peace talks


    Well this sounds promising. talking is always good.

  2. Default Re: US and Taliban peace talks

    The Taliban was created by and for the US Government, and this is just one other way they're playing along the story to string us along with the lies as we fight this never ending "War on Terror."

    /conspiracy theory

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    Come now, even I don't go that far. I do think this is a very good trap they've made, and we have no choice but to fall into it. We don't go, they use it as proof we don't want peace, we do go, they have ambassadors that they can either kidnap or blow up, depending upon how they feel at the time.

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    Default Re: US and Taliban peace talks

    They hate us enough to blow themselves up along with innocent civilians, and they've been known to use children in their efforts as well. They're going to either break any peace treaties that come of this after a few months/weeks, or they're going to blow up the area where the meeting is to be held.

    But hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they really do think that blowing themselves up is the wrong way to make people agree with them now.

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    Default Re: US and Taliban peace talks

    i agree with you.
    the Taliban (and any other terror organizations {see:Hamas, Hizballa}) are using what ever they have against their enemies:women,children and even toddlers.i don't blame most of the citizens that are being used by the terror organization who "brainwash" them by using the education from a very young age.they even twist their own religions (note:in their "holy Qur'an" is written that hitting Christians and Jews is forbidden since they believe in the same god as them) to attack the "the evil west countries".
    i know you probably think i can't give an objective point of view,since I'm Israeli ,but i even have some Arabian friends so i can tell you for sure not all of them are believing in the terror ways.

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    Also before anyone makes a sweeping assumption that all arabic people are muslims and terrorists, no they're not. I wonder how this is going to pan out.

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    No one is saying that.

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    I hate to say it, because I wish it wasn't like this, but peace talks feel like a waste of time and resources.
    I don't think war is any better, though. Anyway, despite my opinion, I hope they manage to work something out that benefits both sides.



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