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  1. Default Solved: Trapped in Past Temple of Time

    Describe the problem. Be as specific as possible!:
    If you log out or disconnect while doing the Silent Crusade quest "Root of the Conspiracy" while in Past ToT, you become trapped in the map.
    The only way to get yourself out is by waiting out the timer during the flight between past Leafre and past ToT. (The one where you're a black dragon).
    Quests that teleport you to other places in the game may also work, but we couldn't test this.
    Five minute video of problem
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    have you tried using a vip hyper rock to get out? Actually just thought of this, has he turned in the neo city quest. Doesnt it automicattically teleport you to leafre and other quest of this kind?

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    Oh crap this thread! I forgot about it!

    Just before the patch, I told him to test letting the timer run out during the flight between Leafre and ToT, and it worked!

    Other than that though, we had tried practically everything.



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