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  1. Cash0 Getting falsely banned at Empess

    About 2 days ago, i was on my kaiser with some of my friends such as Tamura97 Basil ID (tze974). We got into Empress and on v1, when she summoned mihile, i see this notice that says something like "TyressaWIN is considered the most threatening enemy. Im not sure if this is that accurate gm name but my friend said it is the close description. Then 10 seconds later, i insta d/c and then i couldnt relog back and after it said i had been permanently banned for hacking. Out of my entire 2-3 years of playing maple, i have not hacked and i have been playing fairly and not crossing the terms of violation which would result in an autoban. But clearly Nexon and their gms randomly banning people such as my character (KaiOnyx) and the rest of my account hurts deeply. I had no other programs than Skype, Steam, and Google Chrome. I was using a potion pot, which is allowed by buying it in the Cash Shop. A potion pot can allow you to bypass the Empress cd, so that may have been why the GMS were so pricky at players maybe not healing which could have resulted in a ban. But obviously, they were wrong. i have never used illegal programs at all.

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    But maybe they were hacking if a GM had caught them. Think about it; if it was a "random banning", more people would say the same.

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    Actually, quite a few legitimate players have been banned randomly (perma banned) @ empress.
    They made a thread about it on the forums.

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    I had a run this morning where it was lagging so badly that V1s got knockback glitched (they couldn't attack while I was hitting them). Most people probably won't even notice when this is happening to them if there's numbers all over the screen.
    That and stuff looks different server side and client side. Other players (including GMs) see something completely different when they're observing.

    Doesn't excuse any of the false bans they hand out of course.

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    There's also this thread in another section:

    I guess there were a lot of complaints about hacking Kaisers, so now the GMs think any Kaiser there must be a hacker.



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