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    Do any of the monster potential bonuses stack with that same kind of monster potential? If so, which ones?

    Also, is there any rhyme or reason as to what kind of monster you get from combining if you're not making a special monster?

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    No and no

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    You can get your monster (rank down/up/same), the other farm's monster (C) or random monster (C) from combining.

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    To elaborate a bit on the first question: You can have the same potential type from different classes of monster stack. For example, you could have rank S bird giving you +12 dex, a rank S demon giving you +6 dex ( and +6 int), and also a Lilynouch special monster which gives +10 dex, for a total of +28 dex.

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    How often can the special shop pop up? Also, will the special shop pop up if you're looking at your farm, or do you have to leave and come back or something to see it?



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