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  1. Default Why I love Maryse!%26nxid%3D6

    Someone who actually has the same mindset and feelings as us Maplers

    Thank you Maryse

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    Default Re: Why I love Maryse

    Well of course, she is a player first and a volunteer second after all.
    We've all had bad experiences with Nexon in the past. I think that to look past that and still work hard to better a game you love is pretty admirable.

    Maryse is one of us southperrians now, we stick together (the original post was edited, it was originally a "if you dislike Maryse, come here" thread) :P

    I probably wouldn't have the patience to deal with people on nexons forums and basil like she does

  3. Default Re: Why I love Maryse

    I summon thee from nowhere, @Maryse;!


  5. Default Re: Why I love Maryse

    the thread was deleted. Leave it to nexon, to supress any ill will towards them :/

  6. Default Re: Why I love Maryse

    ugh... that thread. Basil is always such a fun place is it not?

    Well, to be fair, it did have its decent share of foul language. (if it's the thread I'm assuming it to be)

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    I'm sure there are more appropriate places for idol/worshipping threads than the Maplestory Discussion section.

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    idk about that, the only other place this could really go is shenanigans, but this is talking about a nexon volunteer, commenting on her opinion on nexon forum. For all intended purposes it technically could belong here.

    all the swearing was censored out though :/

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    So for those of us not up at 5am, what was the topic of the deleted thread on Nexon forums?

  10. Default Re: Why I love Maryse

    Basically a massive rant (cussing included) about the fact that her BF was unfairly banned.
    I'm assuming this was before her days as a volunteer, and she may have deleted the thread as it wouldn't look good. (Fair enough, we have all made mistakes)

  11. Default Re: Why I love Maryse

    I deleted the thread...
    I originally didn't want to remove it, but since it keeps coming back and people harass me, I had to.
    I had a talk about this specific thread with Hime when she first hired me as a Volunteer.

    Will edit with conversation once I'm done editing it.

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    Default Re: Why I love Maryse

    Since the original thread was removed, and we don't like to import drama from other forums anyway, there's nothing to discuss here.



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