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  1. Default EXP penalty after unlimited

    I know after unlimited it also works for above level 150, but however drop and mesos dont. Its been a long time since this system was added and the old bar used to work like this

    0-6 level difference: nothing
    6-7: 10%
    8-9: 15%
    10-11: 20%
    12-13: 25%
    14-15: 30%
    16: 35%
    17: 40%
    18: 45%
    19: 50%
    20: 55%
    21 and above: 60%

    Now obviously this was changed where it starts when you are 11 levels above the monster a while back (probably around thief/pirate revamp)

    However, that doesnt give me any info on when it stops reducing exp so, how much it will reduce per level and when will it stop reducing?
    Seeing how EMS got this pomegranatety system for above level 150 I need to know how slow it will go from lvl 190-200 if I were to train at stronghold. Also keep in mind that EMS do not have the same stronghold exp as GMS, we have the same as KMS.

    Edit: Nvm found the new formula

    At level 11 it reduces by 10% and then 5% per level to 21, aka ends at 60%.

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