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Thread: Onyx Jaguar

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    Does anyone know something about this jaguar. I know that it was released in KMS while ago, but how to get it? Event, quest, normal catching?

    And another question is white jaguar is still available?
    Thanks in advance

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    It was a coupon from a Hot time. Every class could use it as a normal mount if I understand it correctly, but it was as good as a Snow White when used by a WH.

    It was never available in GMS, and KMS just got it during that one time.

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    Oh I see.
    But when it was on kms it was near unlimited or when?

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    It came with KMST 1.2.455 and went live with KMS 1.2.178 (Resistance Hyper Skills). Right before Demon Avenger to be exact.



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