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  1. Default Cant login with new account

    So I made a new account to create characters and play with friends, but everytime I choose a channel my game closes, it doesnt happen with my main account.

    If I login using the website, the game closes after choosing channel, if I use the game launcher, after typing my email and password, the Login button doesnt seem to work, I click it and nothing happens. I already made 2 new accounts and the same keeps happening..

    Anyone had this problem before?

  2. Default Re: Cant login with new account

    login with your username, not your email

  3. Default Re: Cant login with new account

    My username is my email. My main account is from 2006 thats why it has an username(without @), but now they dont ask for a username when you make a new account, only email =|



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