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  1. Default Xenon Preperations

    Hopefully I'm not the only Xenon Fan Boy out there...
    Post screens or just tell us about what you're currently doing to get ready for Xenon.

    The only thing I have so far, that's worth mentioning is this old thing :

    I also got a few Epic Tempest Items (Pendant; Ring; Belt) so currently I have around 30%Luk 22% Str and 13%Dex. (Not much,I know. But Im not funded either.)
    I got around 40 or so scrolls for 1H weapon Att (20%) from the anniversary shop as well.

    So erm yeah.... tell me about the stuff that you have so far? ( Looking to gather some inspiration from all you fellow GMS players since the community at EMS has failed to help me...)

  2. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    The only thing I've done is hoard 3 nooby 2lined 100% pot tier thief and pirate armor pieces from RA, a 4% allstat belt, 3% allstat shoes and earrings and some others items to sell to people rushing for Xenon items.

    Lionheart battleshoulder here I come

  3. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    Let's see, top(12%all/2%lukneb), bottom(9%luk/3%all/1%lukneb), specs(4%all/4%luk/2%allneb) from my phantom. Some 3%all accessories(earrings and ring). Tinkerer set(yellow belt+shoulder) with no useful potential stats. A few novas without enhances(shoes and cape). And other crap with no usefully potential stats.

    And some NX that doesn't contribute to damage obviously, I just want to look pretty.

  4. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    What have I done to prepare?

    Make sure I don't move my link skills so they can be moved day one, pick out a name I'll enjoy, put all my E. Rings/ClassRing/WorkGlove in storage before the patch.

    Yeah. . . that is about it.

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    Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    9/4% all 9% luk top
    6/4% all 6% luk bottom
    15/4% all HTP
    15/4% all 9% luk 7att clean reverse DB mask.. L>chaos of goodnesses!
    5starred epic nova boots.. I'll have to cube soon.
    6/4% all 12% dex 11att BFC
    4% all 15% luk belt (or) 9% all 5att belt. I kinda want to sell the 9% belt, though.
    4% all 15% luk 10% hp earring
    Evo 3 level 10
    Evo 2 level 17
    Legendary Gratias Ring.. probably
    3% all ring. (I'm cubing a 10att one atm, though)
    21att 12% luk 9% dex SMG
    2/4% all 10% luk att rac mask
    2% all RA chicken dude helm
    Gallant Battle Manual (Practice)
    SE/CO glove/shoe
    TONS OF SLATES AND 20%s for weapons!

    I'm not really going to make/buy much specifically for Xenon. All of this is really just stuff that I trade between characters already. I was sad that I got all stat instead of luk when I cubed some of this earlier, but now it's not half bad!
    If only I had tyrants. They're the key to OP xenons, but I'm just too poor to afford them. x-x

  6. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    Waiting for Demon Avenger pretty much

  7. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    Mainly gonna transfer all my link skills to my xenon.
    6% STR LUK earring.
    Might be getting RH set if RA equips aren't in MSEA by that time.

  8. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    Err any advice for someone currently unfunded to get gear for a xenon?

  9. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    Level cap is gonna be raised before xenon release, so no rankings for who's 200 first (?) so I'll take my time with it.

  10. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    You've been crying for Xenon for so long, and you want advice on equipping one? What have you been doing the whole time you've waited? @_@

    Advice: Craft equipment enough to roll 3+%allstat along with one or more of it's main stats. Get equipment that give all stats, or pirate gear that gives a decent amount of +str/+dex and thief gear that gives about the same in +luk. Scroll for all stats or even out scrolling for the 3 main stats.

  11. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    Well you can always craft your own gear or if you have an gear right now just trade it for stuff that you can use on your Xenon?
    Im currently doing some small jobs (im under-age) so I can buy some stuff for my Xenon :)

    PS: Anyone have any ideas on how I should scroll my Cape (first post)?

  12. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    I'd recommend crafting and fusing Pirate gears by hunting for them in Evolving World and using the drop rate +, rare equip drop and level 100/110 pirate gear drop cores since they add STR and DEX which are more useful to Xenon than LUK. As usual you'd want to start out by getting an all stat% earring too.

    In my case actually going about this was much easier thanks to additional options. I have:

    1) 6% all stat LUK 19 top from my Phantom, going to flame this for 3% all stat.
    2) 6% all stat earring, going to flame this too.
    3) 3% all stat, 5 all stat pot Thief pants, going to flame this as well.
    4) 9% STR Blackfist Cloak
    5) Some cash for anvils

    I also have assorted 3% all stat equips from hunting and some Mastery Books from my MMB opening sprees. The ironic part is that I have two 15% allstat rings that would do nicely on him but will be trading or selling these off to get better LUK% rings for my Phantom.

  13. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    School lol? All the gear I had was for my Kaiser, plus I didn't see much of a point in playing when university + work is in the way, to be honest.

  14. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    PSoK'd all my equips (except CHTP, using a Pendant of Spirit instead), got ~80 Extreme Gold potions, 30 EXP accumulation potions, every available link skill at level 2, 30 1.5x coupons, 30 Blessing (+20 all stat) potions, 600+ Extreme Red/Green (PLZ FIX) potions.. hmm.
    Bunch of low level equips too, but nothing special. 10 ATT gloves/5 atk cape/shoes and some other stuff. Dark Pirate set at level 80 should help a lot (~36 ATT and 43% LUK combined).

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    Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    Got some tempest equips with %all stat. that's pretty much it.
    I have a belt with all stat and some earrings with all stat, so i'll use those.

    Don't really care about Xenon, it's just going to be a link skill mule anyway.

  16. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    Oh man, I haven't even starting preparing for Xenon ._.
    Then again, I've never had the funds to prepare for a class early anyways xP

    Regardless! I'm gonna try and scroll up some armor for Xenon O=< I'll probably mass-buy scrolls from Monster Life and scroll equips that way, I don't expect that I'll be able to find good %stat armor, but maybe I'll get lucky =3

    I assume Xenon's Beam Whip is a 1-handed weapon, right?

  17. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    Yes they use 1H weapon.

  18. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    hard to find tyrant in renegades but ihave belt/shoes and nova cape . htp / empress shoulders and other various things

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    Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    all i have for it are the link skills and a bunch of tradeables, of which the only notable one is my all stats racc mask.

  20. Default Re: Xenon Preperations

    Pretty much this.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks it to be silly to fund a Xenon to the teeth, knowing full well that they'll be heavily nerfed in the future?



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