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    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this thread.

    Anyone wonder why our codes have yet to be restored 2 months+ later? Seems like everyone has forgotten about this issue..It's becoming a more pressing concern for me personally with Xenon's release drawing near. I have many 3x coupons I had intended for his use.


    Not long ago you told me the problem would be fixed on May 9th. Its now June it at all possible that the codes will be restored soon?

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    I redeemed a GFA 50% from marvel less than a week ago. Have you been actually letting the coupon vault load? It did take me a few minutes longer to load it than regular pages, but it DOES work.

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    It looks like it just broke yesterday...agh. Looking into it.

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    Yeah, I remember being able to get codes again a few weeks ago. Guess I should've taken the chance to copy-paste the codes into a document.

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    I guess I didn't check often enough, but last time I did the codes were not available, and I did wait for them to load.

    This explains it, thanks for responding.

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    Try now?

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    Works now, thanks.



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