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  1. Default Twisted Aqua Road

    inb4 gobies

    do shads still have meso explosion?

    do people even remember what i'm talking about?

    also is this gms exclusive content? or did kms get an updated aqua road too

  2. Default Re: Twisted Aqua Road

    I believe this area was in CMS' spark as well, so we copy paste theirs.

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    Default Re: Twisted Aqua Road

    Yes we still have meso explosion.

    If in any case the exp there was great and it was just beef'd up AR monsters, MCing houses with PP on and hyper points into ME would be fun

    Sadly, my shadower was not made in this era. The only classes I trained in AR was a DK & F/P (SQUIDSPTIMISTWHOLEMAP).

    I also remember that maxing ME with one point in MG was actually a build. I believe CB's were the fastest 7X trainers cause of this, then priest/dk combo annihilated everything after 8x, with F/P coming in second

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    yeah that build was for the rich lmao. one point in ME was for dropping minimum 50k bags

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    Not so high-leveled, it is targeted at players Level 200 to 215. After that, it's grindfest.

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    Oh, hi there. Noticed me yet?

  7. Default Re: Twisted Aqua Road

    Haha I remember Gobis indeed...

    As a NIGHT LORD. God we were awful at training back there. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD TO AIM WAS AVENGER THERE!?

    ...I miss avenger so much :(



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