Xel'naga is currently recruiting in El-Nido (GAZED). We are a pretty new Lv. 3 guild but we are growing very quickly. Every day, we have around 10 players online at once and usually more during peak times. Most of our players are in NA timezones but we do welcome people from other countries as long as you can communicate in English. Ideally, we would like 24/7 activity in our guild by having people from various countries. We are very friendly and open to helping others, whether it is finding an LHC party or requesting help on a particular boss. I also plan to have guild-wide or alliance-wide events very soon!

What we are looking for:
  • Active (At least 10-20 hours a week)
  • Mature (16+)
  • Fun and kind
  • Lvl. 100+

Obviously we don't tolerate any Nexon TOS violations or douchebaggery (scamming, spamming, KS-ing, etc).

If you are interested please send me a message or find me in-game:

Master: Torychu
Jr. Master: RBSlash

ALSO, our alliance Firstborn is looking for 2 more guilds. We are currently in an alliance with Celebrity and Givenchy. All of us are very active and high-leveled. Again, you can contact me here or in-game for this.