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  1. Default Riena Strait Tour

    A short video showcasing the newest theme dungeon addition, Riena Strait.


    I do like the bgm of the area~

  2. Default Re: Riena Strait Tour

    Agree. The BGM is fantastic IMO.

    Also, that boat-travelling map is smart! Notice that it actually is a flying map (e.g. DRPQ) but they've put the perspective and done the drawings so nicely it seems as though you're on a flat map travelling on a boat, albeit with a 3D perspective. I like this detail.

    Nexon putting more real-life examples into the game - oceans, Arctic, fossilised remains trapped in ice, and oil drilling/pollution. Sending a signal, Nexon...?


  3. Default Re: Riena Strait Tour

    Yeah, I have to admit the boat traveling map was super creative.

  4. Default Re: Riena Strait Tour

    The only gripe I have with this area is that it's 50+, and we already have Chryse. Why couldn't they make it 60+ or something?

  5. Default Re: Riena Strait Tour

    Agreed. 60-70 is one of the few level ranges that doesn't have a theme dungeon, even though we don't really need anymore at all below like, 150



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