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    Default This Game Perplexes Me

    I suppose I've made the mistake in attempting to end my approximately year-long hiatus and return to MapleStory. All I can say is, I am completely perplexed. I admit when I stopped playing last summer, I hadn't spent much time doing anything but leveling my bishop, with the intent of avoiding the whole 'damage wars' thing. I've started playing my 1H Crusader again and started an assassin, but I have to say that just by looking at things online about the game I'm finding it really difficult to get excited about the game. Since I run Maple-News I'm trying to stay more informed about the game by playing the game actively but everything that has changed just overloads my senses to the point where I just log out, which I thought might be easier starting a new character but it doesn't seem to help. Since when did you need '10 billion mesos' to fund a character? It doesn't seem like anyone bothers to talk to anyone at all in-game anymore.

    Could anyone who still plays actively help shed some light on how things have changed over the past year and what the hell the point of even playing this game anymore is?

    Much thanks.

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    Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    The point of playing this game, like the point of playing any game, is to have fun.
    If you're not enjoying yourself - quit. If you feel you must play in order to run Maple-News, well, nobody's forcing you to run Maple-News, either.

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    Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    Sometimes we just grow out of things.

    We want to hang on to things that used to entertain us, because its supposed to represent a part of us and it can be hard to just move on without having something new to grasp hold of. But if you take the time to look you'll find a new replacement.

    Maybe its time to expand maple news. The MMO culture is actually very huge, maybe you can expand it and aim it towards Free to play MMOs in general. There's room for opinion pieces, major news to report on a variety of games. Perhaps even an art corner where you feature artists who do fanart of MMO games.

    Discussions about common MMO tropes and trends and a lot more. I think you have potential in that.

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    Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    So far this year has been about catching up on link skills for all the new characters, buying NX to play with marvel and get tyrant equips, empress runs to fund characters, and preparing for spark/unlimited. The unbeatable bosses of the year are Hard Magnus and most of the Chaos RA bosses, which keep the funded busy with upgrading to beat them.

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    Yeah, they need to bring back the old "Talk to clear" PQs. That'd help a lot towards this. The most fun I had sometimes was chatting while pqing. Since you didn't have to hold a button to kill stuff, it was possible. And those stages where you had to split, too, hah. Good ol' times...

    Now it's "KILL ALL STUFF AND PROCEED". Just look at dimension invade! Not even a map transition!

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    make a kanna while you can, their link is pretty baller, and the card is better

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    Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    I honestly think community of Maple is about to go through a major shift, similar to how people connected 3~4 years ago. If you think about it, people need a reason to come together when it comes to MMO gaming.

    Maplestory's method of bring people together was through training, whether it be through PQs or grinding, and bossing. Now that it takes only a few hours to hit max level, and the fact that the people who are serious about bossing can just solo any boss, there's not much reason for communication.

    Now that we're getting our increased level cap, and new bosses (the 100 man raids announced for RED) I feel like people will once again be forced to communicate, or at least I hope. Like you, I've watch the social aspect of the game dwindle from a once vibrant array of colors in my chat bar, to only seeing messages when people need to B> NX or need fillers for an expedition.

    As for the rest, you might need to change your perspective if you're really stuck on playing Maplestory. Start a character from scratch again, in a (new) server, and re learn everything again; that seriously helped for me.

    Come back to GAZED, we'll treat you right ;)

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    Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    Hey! I didn't know LegacyReborn was still around! Awesome!

    As far as a new character, what would you recommend? I'm sort of stuck on sticking with an adventurer, just because I have tons of perm NX gear and I prefer that typeof play.

  9. Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    My go to adventurer is always the Pirate, right when I started maple it was when pirates just came out. I don't play that often anymore, but my pirate is still my best and favorite character at level 12x. Every couple of patches I make a new character cause I want to know what's changed, and to me the beginning of maple is always the most fun. Laid back, colorful monsters/areas, easy grind, no worries about damage, and the fact you still have jobs to advance to.

    Adding on to Seanny, If you ever feel bored, try another game and maybe you can add a section talking about other games you enjoy and why. I'm always looking for other games, and hearing other people's opinions on games and knowing they play too makes it much easier to join in.

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    Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    I tried a gunslinger before, but I didn't really enjoy it. Is brawler much different? In the past I've played: Assassin (only got to level 61, but had a level 75 Night Walker), Polearm Spearman (Only got to 50), Bishop (My current main, lv 145), 1H Sword Crusader (Level 104), a lv 7x Fire/Poison, and a lv 7x Ice/Light. I've played friend's characters like Rangers, Bandits, and a few other classes briefly. My favorite class was an assassin, but that was in 05-06 and from what I've read, they're really hurting. I liked the range + high mobility factor...but that seems pretty common now for all classes. I originally planned on focusing my energy into an assassin...but someone mentioned that you need around 10 billion mesos to fund one well and I've only got about 200m give or take.

    So just from what everyone has been posting, it comes down to what class you find the most fun (which is kind of hard to say since you really don't know if it's worth sticking to until you're past 100). I

    And yeah, Seanny's idea definitely might work well for MNN. We have a survey going on and more people than I expected are open to us expanding to other games. The whole F2P MMO definitely narrows down things which may work well. I'll bring it up in the next staff meeting!
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  11. Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    About the talking in game, this games population is actually kind of low, especially depending on your server, and times you play. Most people are all AFK, and I'm willing to bet a pretty steep amount of the players online count are people botting. Outside of my buddylist/guild/alliance I usually have no social interaction besides forums, which are also my personal favorite way to talk to people about the game, etc. For socialization I would recommend getting yourself in to a nice guild. I'm sure the wonderful people at southperry can help you with that! There's some pretty nice ones people around here are in.

    About the 10b to fund characters thing, it's actually pretty easy to get large amounts mesos if you're already strong and mesos are actually becoming less and less viable seeing as how the NX rate has gotten EXTREMELY high. Depending on what your definition of funding a character is 10b really isn't enough (I define funding as enough to be able to survive and clear end game content, and current achievable end game content is pretty much empress cygnus, this is also where most of the mesos come from in terms of actually going through content instead of merching and spending real money). A single "godly" equip can have a value of over 50b.

    Point of playing this game? Who knows. Different for everyone. I actually don't have much of a reason beyond liking to play the game. That's about as deep as it gets lol.

    Class? If you have to stay with an adventurer that utilizes a shared cash shop inventory I would go with a marksman, f/p mage, or bishop for strength/support reasons. otherwise I would highly recommend making a dual blade.

    Funding an assassin to be viable? You'll need loaadsdssss more than 10b.

    To put it in perspective, you can cap on empress if you have enough boss damage/weapon attack and 4-5k luck on a dual blade. You'll need about 7-8k luck matching the boss damage/weapon attack on the dual blade to be able to pull that off.

  12. Default

    Make more mesos. Do more damage. Buy NX. Join popular guild. Press keys.

    I too miss the visual quality of good social interaction.

  13. Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    Honestly, I play this game because its the only one I'm halfway decent at. I love video games, but I'm terrible at them.

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    Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    That's really interesting. Nexon always likes to make it appear as if the population is large, or the servers imply that at least. Do you have an estimation of how large the community might actually be...say consecutive users on a daily basis in GAZED?

    My current main is a Level 145 Bishop, but I can't say I quite enjoy being a support class (I just wanted to have some sort of support/mule character down the line). It's fine, but nothing I'd want to be as my only main character to 200.

    I haven't played a F/P mage since 2005. I can't say making another magician appeals to me very much, though. Have they changed much since then? I've also heard that Night Lord's may be getting a revamp sometime in the near future and that Shadowers are a bandwagon class to some degree. Thieves have always worked for me, both gameplay-wise and aesthetically. I know that people found NL's repetitive, but the constant movement forced me to be actively involved in the game instead of just standing there holding a button...not sure if that's still the same either.

    Is bossing essentially the only fun part of the game now and should all class decisions be made based on that? And yes, anyone who could help me find a guild...that would be most appreciated!

    Same! I don't play console games and I don't play any other computer games...just can't get into 'em!

  15. Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me


    As of this post there are 2,017 people online in gazed. The support class is mainly so you can get in parties way easier, thus socialization occurs (since socialization seems to be one of the key issues of your thread :p. P.S. bishops can be really strong too! Check out @ThatWasMyKil; )

    fire poison mages have changed significantly. You can check out for some new f/p videos.

    Night lord revamp in the near future? Not at all. There has only been one skill preview in red so far, and red part 1 hasn't even been released in kms yet, we have no idea what the red Night Lord is going to look like yet.

    What's fun about the game varies from person to person. To me, yes, bossing is one of the only enjoyable parts about this game to me, but of course I enjoy other aspects, but bossing takes up most of my time.

  16. Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    I actually just recently restarted playing this game after ~3 yr long hiatus. Yeah totally agreed that everything is so different now...wut is this potential system...LOL

    I also tried to check in on my old characters too, but seriously I just felt depressed with all the changes. I just left them alone. I made a brand new char in GAZED and actually it's been pretty fun so far. The ease of leveling now has made that part of the game less painful. I totally agree that most people do not want to talk to anybody most of the time and that has been disappointing. But these guys in LegacyReborn have been lovely so far ^^

    (also yes I suck at most other video games lol)

  17. Default Re: This Game Perplexes Me

    The management hasn't changed much and the NX abuse has only gotten 10x worse with more dependency on it. Most people won't even tell you to go back, even encourage you not too, because it's hard to get out of it.

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    I'm sure everyone had a reason to pick the class they chose, and for me it was because I'm just a huge DBZ fan, and at the time it reminded me of DBZ a lot. Punching people, transforming etc. We lost the transform, but we can do bigbang kamehameha x100 now so I don't mind. Back when pirates just came out, their somersault kick had a different noise too that was just awesome, and that was probably my fav point about first job. In addition to the combo mechanics like spiral corkscrew > corkscrew, I thought that bucc was the best class evar.

    And to me, the most fun part of the game was always quest chains. When CPQ1 got canned, I was sad, but then they added in chryse and stuff for later and I was pretty happy. When I played the kaiser lv 90~110 quest line I was thinking it'd be sick when others get to play it, only to find out they toned it down for non kaisers and busters I think. Basically for me, whenever they add more theme dungeons and questlines, I come back because I like how questing helps + disguises your grinding. This is how I got to level 110, before I couldn't even pass level 70, because I'm not much of a grinder. If they just made quest lines back to back up to 200 I'd be happy, because before you know it you're already level 120 again, and then I have to grind and stuff.



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